Recommend a romantic NYC restaurant

I have a very special wedding anniversary coming up in July. We’ll be in NYC that week. Please recommend a special (and not too stratospherically expensive) restaurant for an appropriate celebration. Thanks! :cool:

Any menu suggestions are also very appreciated.

I always like Rocco’s, on Thompson between Bleecker and Houston (it’s not the same Rocco’s that was the subject of a TV show recently).

Nice Italian place in Greenwich Village. The food is good. It’s not particularly expensive, at least by New York City standards. They often have very good fish off-menu specials (my theory is that the specials are likely to be purchased fresh that morning rather than frozen).

If you’re a regular, the owner always comes over after dinner and has a grappa with you. Nice guy.

If you’re on the upper east side, Blue Grotto is lovely. You enter through what looks like a blue cavern, but the space inside is quite open and airy. The food is excellent. It’s unusual, but not weird. The prices are reasonable–IIRC, the entrees are under $20.

Oooh. That sounds just wonderful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you like Thai, Holy Basil is very nice. Great wine selection too.
149 Second @ 9th St, 212-460-5557.