Recommend a starter book on SSIS

SQL Server Integration Services. Thread title character limits are my mortal enemies … OK, this is maybe too specialized a question, even for this board. But what the hey–nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have a new programmer reporting to me. I need to get him up-to-speed on SSIS. He’ll get a training class eventually, but in the meantime I’d like to get him a good ‘starter’ book for him to work with. (Can’t sit with him–he’s across the country. He works for me due to a reorg at my company where everyone’s grouped by functional rather than geographical categories first. This has pluses and minuses. I’m dealing with a minus. :frowning: )

So–has anyone had the opportunity to learn this in the fairly recent past? Do you have any books you can point me at to recommend for him?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions any of you can provide!