Recommend a summer camp (to work at)

Hullos :slight_smile:

I have decided that a summer working as a camp councellor (or youth leader or whatever they are called) would be really good for my younger brother. I think it would work specifically well for him to work at a camp with kids with physical disabilities.

There seem to be a million and one “visit&work” programs for people to get to work at camps, I wonder is there any one that you would reccommend?

Not specifically for kids with physical disabilities, but check out employment possibilities with:

Or more specifically:

Hi, I was a camper and a counsellor for 9 years at Camp Sloane, YMCA, in Lakeville, CT. This is a co-ed sleep-away camp that has been operating for about 75 years. Sloane has quite a few international staff (many from Britain/Ireland/Australia but also from other countries… Spain, Hong Kong, etc.) so you wouldn’t feel completely the fish out of water.

Counsellors get one day off/week and one nightoff/dayoff a month. There is kid-free time in the evening until curfew at 1am (unless you are on rotating duty to watch over the sleeping kiddies).

Having been both a camper and staff at Sloane I can honestly say it was (and is) a great place. Let me know if you have any questions, they also have a website at:

Entertainment wouldn’t really be his thing I think DMark, this is partially as a way to increase his self confidence, but thanks for the suggestion.

Camp Sloane sounds like something to look into indeed Hello Again, and thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

It may seem odd that I am asking about specifically camps for kids with physical handicaps, but I feel that is a situation that would best suit little-bro. Hard to explain why, you kind of have to know him, but I think that “niche” would give him the most, while also giving to the campers. Ideally I was looking for one of these programs that covers travel expenses etc as well, if anyone knows of any.