Recommend a Talk Radio Program, or a Podcast

I’m looking for something to pass the time at work. I’ve been listening to Neal Boortz, but he’s retiring soon. Ideally the show would be live between 9 - Noon Eastern, but I’ll listen to an archive if the show us good enough. Availability on Tune In Radio is a must.

I’m a small-l libertarian, and I’d prefer to avoid shows that merely pump RNC daily talking points, so Beck and Gallagher are out.

Any suggestions?

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Clark Howard is a favorite of mine. He gives consumer and financial advice with the most cheerful voice in the world:

Tom Leykis?

Depends on what type of topics you like Caustic Soda ( is pretty fun

Larry Elder:

Diane Rehm on NPR. The first hour of her show is usually pretty informative on domestic and world affairs. The second hour is usually less news heavy and often focuses on books and authors. Fridays are best, first hour a panel discussion of the weeks domestic issues, the second on world issues. No shouting or talking over each other, emphasis on information and analysis. Not the lib-fest many would have you believe, plenty of conservative opinion on the panel and from the callers.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ve DL’d Caustic Soda and Diane Rehm. I’ll give Larry a listen Monday. Thanks!

I like This American Life and Splendid Table. Informative and entertaining.