Recommend a toaster

I’m sorry to say that my toaster is dying. I bought it, used, from a coworker back in 2000. It cost me $14. It’s a standard 4 slicer, white, ugly, but dammit it toasted the bread.

Well, my boyfriend has informed me that it’s dying. I need to get a new one. My boyfriend uses it every day and I am a fan of toast so being without one is not really in the cards.

Our new toaster needs to toast bread and English Muffins. It’s not necessary that it fit bagels since we rarely eat them.

I’d like something cool. I don’t know how I feel about the ones that put pictures or words on the toast. I think that would get old pretty quickly.

So, what toaster should we get?

Whatever you do, don’t get this one:

I have this one and it is excellent.,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=10935494580886630571&sa=X&ei=EWxqTfCBN8jSgQf-qonMCg&ved=0CGkQ8gIwBg#

Would you like some toast?

I love Talkie Toaster. Thanks for that link. That just totally made my day. When I first watched Red Dwarf, I tried to find a silent version of Talkie Toaster for my house but there didn’t seem to be any.

The nerd in me says that toaster is wicked cool. The rational part of me says that he will never agree to spend that much on a toaster…maybe unless it talks.

Saw this one on The Price is Right the other day while at the gym. I like the idea of watching so your toast comes out perfectly, as it always seems a crapshoot. Not sure I’m prepared to pay $250 for it, though.

Like most small appliances these days, quality is not job one. Toasters don’t toast, coffee pots leak, irons don’t heat (or if they heat, they don’t steam), vacuums don’t suck. It’s frustrating and annoying. It took me forever to find a toaster with good reviews that didn’t break the bank. I settled on the Prestige-4, which you should be able to get for under $50. Four wide slots for bagels and artisan bread, reheat feature, browns evenly. I bought mine at least six years ago and it’s still performing well.

Anything but this is the wrong answer.

I’m always insanely jealous of the guy who came up with that idea. It’s such an obvious money-maker.

I recently bought a toaster oven for $18 at Wal-Mart. Fuck bagel toasters in their gaping slots, I worship at the alter of toaster oven toast which is perfect and golden.

I make greek pizzas and grilled tuna sandwiches; it’s like a high-speed precision broiler that doesn’t heat the house. It’s the only kitchen appliance I’ve ever wanted to [del]shag[/del] hug.

Any idea which one it is? I’m not opposed to a toaster oven. They are quite handy.

It take a bit of expertise to prevent your bread from burning, though.

This is mine. It looks so retro! I think it’s cool.

Rival Toaster Oven
I can’t say enough good things. I used it this weekend to put a nice crust on my gyro meatloaf before slicing.

I admit I’m in the giddy honeymoon stage of appliance ownership. I’ve been cramming things in that toaster oven left, right, and center but it all comes out so bloody delicious that I’m ill-motivated to stop. :slight_smile: