Recommend a trackpad thingy

I’ve decided I really like the pokeable, gesturable trackpad on my MacBook, so I want a similar (but bigger) device for my desktop machine, so I can be rid of mouses once and for all.

Who makes a good one?

Apple makes one called the Magic Trackpad. Of course it’s only for Apple desktops, not Windows ones.

Now that thing does look spiffy. My desktop is in fact a Mac Pro, although given that this is a Bluetooth device it should probably work on Windows as well.

That said, I should have mentioned an additional requirement: I hate wireless everything. So as nifty as that thing looks, I want something with a USB cable.

Wacom makes one. I believe it’s called the Graphire Touch. There’s also a version that can do both finger touch and pressure-sensitive pen input.

Sorry for no link, but using my heavily-blocked work pc. Should be easy to Google. Pretty sure they’re wired, at least optionally.

I really like my Magic Trackpad. Since I got it, the Magic Mouse has just been sitting there watching us. So far, no wireless problems with either, or with the keyboard.