Recommend a Vista-compatible webcam

A few months ago I bought a Logitech QuickCam orbit on the advice of my SO’s brother so we could all talk online through Skype. Shortly after that, I bought a new computer with a Vista operating system, and the webcam no longer works with any chat programs other than Skype, such as AIM, Yahoo, etc. All I get is a grey or red window where the picture should be.

Since I’m woefully ignorant of all things computer-related, my SO’s brother sent me a link for a Vista driver from the Logitech website. Downloaded that, still doesn’t work. Went back to Best Buy, where I had bought the first camera, ready to buy a different one. I had long since discarded the box for the Orbit, so when I looked at it in the store again it said it is supposed to be Vista-compatible. In fact, all the webcams in stock said the same thing, and since I’d been burned once already, I didn’t want to just buy another camera at random.

I asked the store clerk for a recommendation, and rather than sell me a camera (which he easily could have), he directed me to —> Vista Compatibility Center, where I found what turned out to be the same driver I had already downloaded. I tried it again, and still no dice.

Does anyone have a webcam you’re happy with on a Vista system?

I have a Phillips…the box said Vista-compatible. But I’ve also got a Logitech that works fine, too…just not as well as the Phillips SPC1300NC. The Vista compatability is usually marked on the box, in my experience, so I don’t see why the salesman couldn’t help you, though it was nice he didn’t try to sell you a new one first.

Oh, I see. You did look at the boxes. Sorry, I misunderstood.

I’m using a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 on Vista SP1 with absolutely no problems. Using it as a motion-sensing security cam.