Recommend a Wheeled Laptop Case/Mobile Office

(NOTE: I’m aware of this thread, but I think what I’m looking for is different enough to justify a separate inquiry. Also, I’m specifically interested in personal recommendations and I don’t need to fly with the bag.)

I’m a proposal writer/manager, and each proposal I support is in a different location: every 30-45 days I’m working somewhere new, be it one of the proposal “tanks” in the main corporate office or a conference room in another company location (e.g., this week I’ve been in both Baltimore, MD, and Arlington, VA).

My work has only required me to be nomadic for the past year, and in that time I’ve been using a wheeled backpack to carry around a laptop, power cord, wireless keyboard and mouse, pens and highlighters, post-its, notebook, 2" binder – basically, I use it as a portable desk. I don’t carry a purse, so I also use the backpack for my wallet and badge, a hairbrush, a small umbrella, some gum and mints, etc. It’s a free backpack with the company logo that I got on my first day, but while it’s durable and reasonable spacious it is front-heavy and constantly falls over (even with a laptop in it). I have hit my tipping point with it, and am in the market for something more substantive.

I’m not interested in those bags that are basically really big purses. If I had a classier/more feminine personal style those might fit me, but I don’t like them. Looking through Amazon’s options, the only thing with a “feminine” feel that appeals to me at all is this London Fog model. So far, though, this Samsonite is the frontrunner.

I’d love to hear recommendations. Does anyone use something like this and love it? :slight_smile: