Recommend a Wood-Burning Stove

Here’s the issue: my dad has a cottage in the wilds of Northern Quebec - actually, he owns it together with his sisters. It is far, far off the grid, so no electricity etc. (it is on an island on lake Kippawa).

This cottage is heated by a wood-burning stove. The stove is many, many years old - it was bought originally by my grandfather - and it is starting to burn through.

I know nothing about wood stoves. I assume that the technology of wood-stove manufacture has advanced somewhat in the last, oh, fifty years - but maybe not.

Knowing the vast array of information possessed by Dopers on every imaginable subject - what sort of stove would your recommend as a replacement? Have you experiences to share?

My ex-wife used to sell them, and swore that if we ever got one it would be the pellet-fuel style. I think she liked the Vermont Castings, but it may have been Quadra-Fire.

Since the OP wants opinions, albeit informed ones, let’s move this to IMHO from GQ.

samclem, Moderator

Pellet stoves are out, because of the remoteness of the location - the fuel is all local wood, cut by my dad.

the size of the area to be heated would be part of your selection. also is a cooking surface wanted? is it for heat or also looking at (like with a glass door).

if you can see fire or smoke from the outside then it should be replaced without further use.

Some of my friends have a Findlay Oval. Last week I was intrigued to go into a stove dealer in Bancroft and discover the direct descendant of that stove, the Heartland Oval, on sale new. It looked almost identical, but has apparently been improved inside. Apparently there are EPA emission requirements stoves have to meet now. It was pricey though: it was $5000.

Pellet stoves aren’t that great an idea in remote areas because they’re useless without a source of pellets.

It’s a 3-bedroom log cabin, and a glass viewing door would be nice. No need for cooking on it, as there is a seperate stove for that.

The stove has become unsafe, as we discovered on the last trip, which was to close the cabin for the winter. Next spring, it must be replaced, first thing. It has burnt through in the back, so you can see fire (though it is surrounded by stone so nothing can burn - but still).

Beautiful stove, though we don’t need a cookstove - plus, $5,000. My wallet cried reading that. :smiley:

Edit: the funny thing is that the previous-to-this cookstive in that cabin was a wood stove designed to look like an electric - circa 1950s.

If you don’t need a cookstove, things get a lot cheaper. The same dealer had a stove like this for $1500. And an electric/gas stove designed to look like the Findlay Oval. There were also matching fridges and dishwashers in the catalogue…