Recommend an alarm clock

For the past seven years I have been using a Sharper Image Travel Soother 20 as my alarm clock.

First, the soothing sleep noises stopped working. That was okay, because all they ever did was keep me awake.
Then the comforting cathedral-bell sound of the alarm gave way to an electronic beep. This was less cool. I really liked waking up to the bells.
This morning, the backlight on the display stopped working. Not only not cool but now completely unworkable. I need to be able to check the time. is currently DOWN, which makes me foaming-at-the-mouth angry from a consumer’s point of view. Why don’t they want to take my money? Oh well, I’ll be in a town with a Sharper Image store next weekend, and could go there to buy myself a new Travel Soother or Sound Soother. They’ve probably even gotten better, in the last seven years. Maybe the soothing sleep sounds would… help me sleep.

But Sharper Image clocks are expensive. I’m wondering if I could find something less expensive. So, dear Dopers…

Recommend for me an alarm clock that has these two crucial features:

  1. A backlit display, so that I can sleep in total darkness until and unless I want to know the time.
  2. A pleasant alarm sound. Cathedral bells are my ideal, of course.

And I take the award for Most Boring Thread of 2008! In six hours, only 14 views and zero replies. Thankyoo! Thankyoo! (bows)

I thought the Sharper Image was going out of business?

Can’t help you - I hate my alarm clock.

I know this won’t help you, but I love my Sunrise Clock. I like waking up to slowly increasing light rather than a noise, although there is a backup beep function. However, it’s a regular digital display, no cathedral bells, and it’s not cheap.