Recommend an infrared temperature sensor

My non-lesbian partner, Mr. Horseshoe, has been wanting an infrared temperature gun for a looong time. They look like fun and reasonably useful gadgets, and, well, what my baby wants, my baby gets. (Don’t tell him I said that.:wink: ) So I think for once in my damn life I’m going to get a jump on Christmas.

Would anyone like to recommend an brand or model? Any advice about features I should be sure are included … or stupid frills I can ignore?

The office where I’m working recently had the a/c die on us - in Texas, in July, and one of the ladies here is 8 3/4 months pregnant … you better bet they got the service guys to come quick! I chatted with one of the a/c guys when he was going around pointing his infrared gun at all the vents, and he recommended the kind he uses, which is a **Fluke **brand. Not a name to exactly inspire confidence in its accuracy, but whatever. :dubious:

I’d appreciate any advice or suggestions! Thanks.

Fluke is THE name in electronic meters.

Ah - that’s why most internet searches lead back to them. Do you own one? (Or … your brother-in-law or someone?)

A Fluke is a good meter. But more expensive. If he is using it professionally then a Fluke would be a good choice, if just for fun there are many around.

We’ve been happy with a couple of Thermoworks sensors in our lab.

I have no need for a Fluke of my own, but I have used several at work nd in school, and bought one or two for laboratories.

I have a Mastercool 52224-A and I like it a lot.

You should check out Omega, a company that sells many temperature measurement devices as well as other measurement devices and heating and temperature control devices. I think they make their own thermocouples and perhaps assemble RTDs and other items. They probably rebrand meters and other complicated items from other makers. But without a doubt they have the widest range of products, and certainly have <$100 to >$1000 infrared pyrometers.

IIRC you can also buy some of these from, with the advantage that you can see reviews from other buyers.

BTW, if a device measures temperature by being at that temperature, it is called a thermometer, but if it measures temperature over there while it is sitting over here at room temperature sensing radiation, it is called a pyrometer.


Here is a non-Fluke unit for $34.

I have a Fluke and a UEI.

Both work well.

As you’d imagine, the Fluke is more expensive.

As a mechanic, a non-contact thermometer is invaluable, and of course I have an expensive one, but I also have a cheaper one from Harbor Freight.

If his needs point to the fun/gadget end of the scale, 13 bucks will do ya.
If his desire is more professional and includes the wish for a laser, 25 bucks will suffice.
The pistol grip one also has a back-lit display, so he can gather important data in low-light situations. You need not wonder what the temperature of your toes under the covers is again.

Consider the temperature range. For example, to see how hot the coals are in a charcoal grill requires something that can read over 500 degrees F.

A laser aimer is an often included feature. Personally I find it useless, but you want to consider if he would need or want it.

It can be handy to switch from F to C scales. Having a readily accessible switch for this is nice (I had one infrared gun that required opening up the battery case to make the switch - it was a real pain).

Batteries might last longer if it’s possible to switch the display backlight on and off.