Recommend an online guide to painting miniatures

So to make my geekiness complete, I’ve decided to return to painting lead miniatures. I did it a little back in college, was never great at it, and eventually fell out of the hobby. But lately I’ve been itching to try my hand at it again. But I want to get pointers on how to make them look the best. Games Workshop has a great book, How To Paint Citadel Miniatures, that I’ve been looking to buy, but are there any good online resources for how-to’s, with plenty of graphics?

Yes I’ve Googled but I’m only coming up with heavily text based sites. Can anyone recommend a good clean professional site for me?

Reaper miniatures site has a few illustrated tips - how to paint eyes, faces, muscles etc ( ). I think that somewhere on the Games Workshop website there are also some hints and what not ( ) although most of their useful information is in magazines and stuff you have to pay for.