Recommend an SDMB-like board in FRENCH

And pre-emptively, no wise-ass answers like:

“Essayez le site internet de, c’est génial!”

I just know you were thinking it.

I’m trying to get my French back up to snuff to make the transition easier when I move to Montreal. Considering the general amount of slang here and informal way of posting, I figured a French message board like this one would be an excellent way of re-immersing myself, since I don’t hear French on a day-to-day basis anymore.

But I’m having problems finding any boards that actually have enough traffic. On the ones I’ve found, the posts are days old, have few responses, and are as dull as dirt.

Anything interesting out there that has enough traffic to make it worthwhile?

You’re moving here?


Hope to, within a year perhaps. I’m still in the looking into it stages. I’m not sure if I can get work and then go, or if I should go then try to get work. Or what the apartment situation is like… lotsa stuff ike that.

I had a “Montrealers advise me thread” in MPSIMS but it disappeared to page 753 before there were any really useful answers.

I got homseick for French the other week and decided that it was time to jet outta this place.

I didn’t see it. I’ll go see if I can answer anything now.

If there’s a Spanish straight-dope-like board, I’d love to hear about that, too.