Francophone dopers: is there a messageboard like this one in French?

Bonjour à tous les dopeurs francophones!

(Quick change of language because I seem to remember that this is an English-only zone)

Does anyone know of a messageboard of this quality in French? This is a fantastic messagboard, and there are lots of clever, educated people here from all walks of life and all backgrounds with whom to discuss Mundane Pointless Stuff as well as the great issues of the day. However, I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on the wisdom of much of the world by excluding the majority of Humanity that doesn’t speak English.

In addition, whereas I see lots of my fellow French expats all the time, we have in common the fact that we’re all expats, and have been for a long time. So I want to get back in touch with French people back home and their opinions and major concerns. And there aren’t just French people.

What about the Québecois, the Belgians, the Swiss, the Senegalese, the Tunisians, the Lebanese, the Congolese (I could use an opinion from inside the DRC), the Haitians, and the millions of people in the World who learned French as a foreign language instead of or in addition to English?

I’m missing the thoughts of a hell of a lot of people here, and I wish to fill the gap.

Can anyone help? Merci tout le monde.

excuse your french!
just a minor note, not sure about else where about around here french has been used as slang for profanity ever since the cow boy way came out. nothing against the french of course.

Right. Looks like no-one has a clue. Merde.

Oui, dommage, mais je ne crois pas qu’il y est de groupes de discussions qui approchent la qualite de Straight Dope…

I asked this question a while ago, on another board, ** Zorro**… and had no joy either. You could try Le Monde’s site or another French paper – they may have talkboards.

There is one and only one Straight Dope.
It is unique.
Be happy in the knowledge you found this very special place.


Obviously not up to the high quality of the Straight Dope (what is?), but Yahoo France has discussion groups en francais about a wide variety of subjects. You might find a board there that interests you – you’ll at least get to meet a lot of francophones.