Recommend Annette Hanshaw recordings

The recordings in Sita Sings the Blues Annette Hanshaw sounds great, but the ones I’ve been able to sample online sound like 78s. :slight_smile:
Can anyone recommend some CDs?

Ever heard of Amazon? I have a few of these discs, and they’re mostly pretty good.

But they all *sound *like 78s because they all **are **78s. She only recorded for a few years in the late 1920s and early 1930s, long before magnetic tape and 33 rpm LPs. There are, sadly, no hi-fi recordings of Annette.

I first heard of Annette thanks to Nina, too. I’ve know her for more than ten years, and a few years ago she gave me a tape of the first bit of Sita she animated, set to “Mean to Me,” which is still my favorite of Annette’s songs.

She sounds so good in * Sita Sings the Blues,* though. Where did she get that?

The ones on the Sensation label are very good - you can get them here, here and here. The remastering is very good - I believe it was done by John R.T. Davies. Of the three, my favorite is Volume 6. The people at Sensation intended to re-issue everything that Hanshaw recorded, but all they ever did was these three volumes.

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I have the Twenties Sweetheart disc and am very pleased. I’d like to have more, like “Button Up Your Overcoat” and “I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling,” but I just can’t justify right now having four versions of “Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love” when I already have Fanny Brice doing it. Plus, when you have Annette singing Six Feet of Papa, you have the pinnacle.

You could try here.

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E-Music has a pretty good selection of Annette Hanshaw recordings.

Thanks, SirPrize!

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