Recommend cheap warm blankets

Our dogs destroy blankets (Both on our bed and on the sofa for curling up under) at a ferocious pace. Anyone know of a place to get warm cheap blankets? They don’t have to be elegant or anything…

Thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Craig’s List, Freecycle, garage sales …

(Also, teach your dog not to chew shit up?)

I take it dog pelt is out of the question?

Goodwill has a surprisingly bad selection of blankets, as it turns out. There’s a big salvation army store a ways away, though, that’s a good suggestion, thanks.
And our dogs have at least stopped eating furniture, so that’s a start :slight_smile:

Military surplus. Warm tough blankets cheap.

How cheap is cheap? Wal Mart has some CHEAP bedding.

They also have cheap fabric (if your Wal Mart does fabric). If not Wal Mart, try a fabric store. I’m sure you can find some fleece that’s on sale. Buy some yards of it and have it cut into blanket size. You will have to deal with the ugliness of on-sale fabric :slight_smile:

I have this fleece throw that I got as a promotion at a ball game and it’s thin as heck but boy is it warm.

You could also try a vet supply place to get horse blankets. Not expensive and hold up to pretty much anything. I recommend them highly.

Wool army blankets. What I use for my dogs (one likes to shred his bedding occasionally, he hasn’t been able to do much to these!). You can find them a variety of places, used and new. I also have several for non-dog use - sturdy and very warm.

Also look into some of the bitter apple derived anti-chewing sprays. Our german shepherd puppy ate the internet and our thermostat wire for the outside unit. $250 to have the fiber drop repaired and I repaired the AC and replaced all the insulation. Then I sprayed it down good with “Bitter Yuck!” and gave him a taste of it. He’s never touched the wiring or insulation again.

Recommended it to a friend who just got a puppy too, and she’s used it to great success. It should be tested on something you don’t care much for because there are stories of dogs who like it. I got a little on my hands while saturating my repaired AC line and figured I should know what I’m getting the little guy into. Ye gods that was a horrible taste. Worth a try rather than replacing blankets or, heaven forbid, carpet.


Didn’t work with out dog, but washing everything in a tabasco rinse cured him pretty fast. Cheap off brand tabasco.

And army surplus blankets.

Also, used moving blankets from places like U-Haul.

Buy fleece from the local fabric outlet store. It doesn’t even need to have finished edges. You can get single sheets of it that are wide enough for a blanket.

I have nothing to add and second the rec for army surplus blankets, but…

I’ve known dogs to happily eat shit and smell/lick/roll in dead animal. How could it possibly be worse than that?

I snarked at Snuggies from the time they first appeared. Then my daughter bought me one for Christmas. I’m not so snarky anymore.

As far as cheap and warm, look at vellux blankets. Remarkably warm and light. As far as keeping the dogs from eating them, I have no idea, but the tabasco rinse sounds great.

Granted I’ve never eaten dead and decaying stuff or shit, but after tasting this stuff I certainly wasn’t interested in chewing on anything with it on it. Your mileage, and your pet, may vary.