Recommend Encryption Software for Removable Drive

What’s a good encryption software for removable drives? I know Windows has something built-in. I don’t want that. I want software that’s going to ask for a password when the drive is plugged in to the computer. I think this would give me the flexibility to use the drive with multiple computers versus Bitlocker. If this makes a difference, I’m pretty sure my computer doesn’t have a TPM chip.

What say the Dopers?

I’m using Western Digital “My Passport” drives. They have built in (optional) password protection for access. I don’t know whether the encryption is really hackerproof or not, but it’s enough to keep a nosy roommate or coworker from snooping on your removable drive.

VeraCrypt is one of the new standards in encryption software, continuing from where TrueCrypt left off a few years ago. I haven’t used it specifically for a removable drive, but I’m pretty sure you can put a portable installation on your drive and use it to access encrypted file containers on the drive. That container will then be mounted as an additional drive on the computer you’re using. However, you’ll need administrative privileges to run it.

There may be a more elegant way to use it that I’m not familiar with.

Thanks to you two. I’ll take a look at the hard drives with built-in encryption when these drives die. The VeraCrypt looks like a winner. Thanks.

Bitlocker will do exactly what you want.

True, but only with Windows (assuming you’re using the portable “bitlocker to go”). On the other hand, you can put portable VeraCrypt installs for Windows, Linux, and Mac on your removable drive so the encrypted files can be accessed on any computer.

But if the OP doesn’t care about cross-platform support Bitlocker will probably be a little simpler.

I second VeraCrypt. It is relatively easy to use, backwards compatible with TrueCrypt volumes, and very configurable.

Good point, lazybratsche. Cross-platform compatibility is something I hadn’t thought about yet I’d want: my primary computer has to OS’s on it.

Wolf333, I thought Bitlocker required a TPM chip. My computer doesn’t have one.

Bitlocker To Go doesn’t require a TPM. In fact, you can enable Bitlocker for any drive with a group policy edit.

That works on Linux and Mac, too?