Recommend fastest/most reliable check printer/delivery

that you know of, especially if you are in the West, since it’s more likely that a Western printer will be fast for me in California, rather than an East Coast printer being fast for someone in Massachusettes.


Stoid, with the U.S. mail being what it is, it doesn’t really matter where your checks come from. They aren’t going by wagon train. How fast do you need them? There are plenty of places that can have them to you in 2 days if you have to have them or any of them can do it in a week. The biggest check printer, Deluxe, is in Massachusetts but they have lots of resellers. If you need them faster than two days, you can buy software to print them yourself. They are literally just pieces of paper with your account information on them. You can also just order them through your bank and expect them in about a week.

Do you need links?

Not Artistic. They’re slow, and they recently (and quietly) starting shipping checkbooks with 20 checks per book, rather than the 25 they’d been doing for years. I’m not ordering from them again.

For the “Print yourself”, yes please, thank you. I bought some blank check stock awhile back and discovered there was no Mac software available.

But now that I have Parallels and Windows installed…