Recommend good low-light plants

I have a north/northwest facing window that I haven’t ever gotten around to putting curtains on. I just can’t find a style I like. So I decided instead that I’d like to put brackets up and a rod across it and hand 3-4 plants. I love plants and have quite a few in the house, but I don’t know what would work well for this low-light situation. During the summer, it gets a couple hours of direct sunlight, but in the winter it gets no direct sunlight at all. I have two Christmas cactus on a table in front of the window, and they love it, but they’re too big to hang.

What would you recommend as good hanging plants for a low-light window? I really don’t like philodendron. Other than that, I’m open to anything. One other note though - we keep our house pretty cold in the winter and warm in the summer so it needs to be able to withstand ~55 overnight in the winter and then up to ~78 in the summer. (Orchids don’t like the conditions I provide so I know I can’t handle really finicky plants.)

Pothos ivy and spider plants are uber-common office plants for exactly this reason. Also because you don’t have to buy one - just find someone who has one and root some cuttings. :slight_smile:

Second the spider plant. Short of lighting it on fire they can take a lot of abuse. Plus after awhile when they get big enough they’ll provide an almost veil effect to dress up the window a bit.

Impatiens do well.

Ficus are tolerant of a lot of abuse, though they’re trees vs hanging plants. Once it gets large enough it can do some screening of the window as well (or you could buy a large one to start).

Ours is one I bought at about 18 inches high back in 1989. Right now it’s taller than I am; it’s in our entry foyer.

Sansevieria trifasciata is good for low-light, although it is, like Mama Zappa’s ficus suggestion, a “grown on the sill and let it grow up to screen the window out” plant. Another possible negative is that it’s pretty slow-growing, too. But it practically thrives on neglect.


George Orwell reckons ya can’t kill 'em, and from experience he’s right ( or left ).

Don’t know what the real name of theseare but I’ve had great success with them indoors in low light conditions. They grow pretty fast and are attractive.

Pachira, apparently.