Recommend: If I liked "Four Weddings and a Funeral ..."

I’m a big fan of English romantic comedies. I don’t know why exactly, except that I find that at the end of an American romantic comedy (typically starring Adam Sandler or Brittany Murphy or some other nightmare) at the end I feel just a wee bit number and stupider and manipulated.

But at the end of an English romantic comedy, I find that I can feel a whole range of things – warm, wistful, but most of all, I feel smart –

So, tell me, if I liked these movies …

Four Weddings and a Funeral (even with Andie MacDowell dragging it down)
Bridget Jones’s Diary (but I hated the sequel)
Fever Pitch (the Colin Firth version, not the Drew Barrymore version)
Love Actually
About a Boy
High Fidelity (What happens when Americans refuse to dumb down an English story? You get a damn good movie!)
An Awfully Big Adventure

… what should I see next?

A shrink?

No, only joking :stuck_out_tongue:

What about Notting Hill?
Same production company, I think, same witer (and some of the same cast cast) as* Four Weddings and a funera*l and Love Actually.

The Tall Guy, with Emma Thompson and Jeff Goldblum, also by the same people. Silliest sex scene on film.

I’ve avoided “Notting Hill” because of my dislike for Julia Roberts. Could I get some assurance that she doesn’t ruin the movie?

I just noticed how many of the movies in my list feature Hugh Grant. It’s not that I have any particular feelings about Grant one way or the other. I hated “Nine Months” and I’ve avoided “Mickey Blue Eyes” and “Two Weeks Notice” because the previews I’ve seen make me think they suck. It just may be that I don’t have to try to hard to persuade my wife to see a Hugh Grant movie.

You’re right – I liked that one too … Maybe I’ve seen most of the genre already …

Notting Hill is good despite the presence of Julia Roberts. In fact, because she’s basically playing herself, she is less annoying than normal. But it’s the rest of the cast that make the movie shine.

Seeing the title alone made me come here to recomend Notting Hill, seems I was beaten to it…

Maybe Bend it Like Beckham = Similar good solid British comedy.

If you could get through Four weddings, even with Andie McDowell, you can cope with Roberts, I’m sure!
It’s worth it for Spike alone! Rhys Ifans - he’s fantastic in it.

A pair that may be worth a look: Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence (American title: The Very Thought of You) and The Man with Rain in His Shoes (American title: Twice Upon a Yesterday).

Oh, and yeah, what everyone else said…see Notting Hill, if only for the “year-long stroll” scene…some damn fine cinematography, that.

If you like him and are willing to go Aussie instead of Brit, get Deckchair Danny. Great romantic comedy.

They’re a little bit periodish in that they’re set in different eras but it’s more a backdrop and major plotline is the romantic comedy stuff but

The Gentleman who went up a Hill and came down a mountain


Cold Comfort Farm (also a really freaking funny book)

are good ones.

Well, it’s Australian actually, but Muriel’s Wedding was really good.

See, I think Julia Roberts not only ruined Notting Hill, she stomped the shit out of it and then pissed on the remains. But then, I really dislike Julia Roberts.

And I second Cold Comfort Farm. If you like that, try I Capture the Castle – which was also a really good book.

I thought Mickey Blue Eyes was just ok, but had one great scene that made it worth watching.

(The restaurant scene where they order the steaks. :smiley: I’m laughing just thinking of it.)

Interesting - in America, it was released as “The Englishman who went up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain” - like they needed to specify it was an englishman.

You would probably like “Notting Hill”. Julia isn’t too annoying. I found some of the rest of the cast “trying too hard” to be counterparts to characters in “Four Weddings”. But it is a decent effort.

Not really a romantic comedy, you might also like “Waking Ned Devine”. And, as mentioned, “Bend it Like Beckham”.

But stay away from “Two Weeks Notice” ! Horrible. And I found “Muriel’s Wedding” more sad than funny.

Not so much romantic comedies, but romantic drama with a sense of humour:

Jack and Sarah

Truly Madly Deeply (if you can stomach the skipping scene, that is).


Brassed Off (Ewan McGregor yum, Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald)
Local Hero (Mark Knopfler soundtrack)

Saving Grace – a middle-aged woman (Brenda Blethyn) whose husband kills himself, leaving her with big debts, strikes a deal with her younger gardener (Craig Ferguson, before his TV hosting success) to grow pot to pay the bills. Bittersweet, genial English comedy set in a picturesque rural village.

But if it’s a gut-busting comedy you really want, I’d go with Flirting With Disaster, even though it’s neither a traditional rom-com* nor British – since it’s an American screwball written & dir. by David O. Russell. It’s far more edgy, zany, and anarchic than “Four Weddings” and their ilk and it has a terrific cast. I think this is the funniest movie made in the last, oh, decade or so. Don’t miss it!

  • Standard romantic comedies are all about the main girl and guy pairing off, overcoming various obstacles (mostly ridiculous) to do so. “Flirting,” OTOH, begins with a married couple with a newborn, and procedes to set various temptations and distractions across their path, to great comic effect.

Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility.

Brassed Off actually seemed a little sad to me…I remember it being billed as a romantic comedy but then the subject matter seemed all sad.

Oh, an absolutely adorable Ewan McGregor (I am such a sad fangirl) movie is Little Voice…also a quirky little British romantic comedy.