Recommend me a backpack

I’m looking for a new back pack. I currently have a Timbuk2 bag that is nice and roomy, but doesn’t have a lot of pockets. It was great for school, when I had to carry textbooks, notebooks and such, but not that great for carrying a bunch of small things (and a laptop).

Some things I like about my current bag:

  1. It has a side zipper so that I can easily access my laptop
  2. The top flap is waterproof

Things that I currently carry:

  1. Surface with case and type cover
  2. Two small flashlights
  3. Small notebook
  4. Console cable
  5. A couple of Cat7 cables (3", flat)
  6. Surface charger and power cord
  7. USB --> Ethernet adapter
  8. Small toolkit, I think it’s about 5" x 8"
  9. Mr. 7 Hands (it’s 7 screwdrivers in 1!)
  10. Extra pens + Surface pen
  11. MiniDisplayPort adapter

The waterproof flap is optional. The side zipper is also optional, but I really like it.

Since you do like the current bag, is there any multi-pocketed insert you could keep in it to organize your small items while keeping the top quality bag you already have?

Or just some zip-up pouches?

LL Bean has some bags and backpacks that are made with numerous pockets, in various sizes.

I like Jansport backpacks. They have lots of pockets and the big backpacks can fit a lot of stuff. The one drawback is that they’re not waterproof, so on rainy days I keep the backpack contents inside sealed plastic bags inside the backpack.