Recommend me a dryer.

My dryer is slowly dying.

I need a new one.

It has to be gas.
Any comments on what you have and how well it works would be appreciated.

I have a Whirlpool Duet, and I’m very happy with it. It has a HUGE drum so it can handle very large loads, a moisture sensor, plenty of pre-programmed settings plus the it offers the option of setting the time manually, several different heat levels, and the lint screen is easy to remove and clean. The only downsides are that it’s a larger-than-average unit, and it’s a bit pricy. Whirlpool makes the same unit under the Kenmore brand name for Sears, which might be slightly less expensive (and just as good; its the identical dryer, just with the Kenmore logo on it instead).

I believe Consumer Reports concluded that most dryers are equally effective, considering they’re all glorified toasters / heaters (gas or electric). They said the only feature you should demand is a moisture sensor. Beyond that, it’s a matter of choice as to how many features you want - they come from the basic, timer-based setting to the GE model that communicates with the washing machine so it knows what the clothes are before you put them in. I’m happy with a Kenmore dryer that’s part of a washer/dryer stack unit - it has a moisture sensor and my clothes rarely come out either damp or burned. One thing to note: While you’ve got the dryer away from the wall, you should clean out the dryer vent line (or, if it’s twisty, call someone to do it for about $50). If it’s been clogged, it will make a world of difference in how long it takes to dry clothes. Clogged vents are also a fire hazard.

I really dread pulling the dryer out for cleaning behind.

Hi Shirley, I just got a new dryer on Friday. The one I got is from Sears and is a Kenmore. I got it on sale for 429.00, now it is off sale apparently. But it is super quiet, dries fast and holds tons of clothes (7.5 cf drum) oh and it is gas. So far I am very happy with my new dryer.

under my old dryer was very scary. I just swept up the debris and had them just pu it in… too much work to clean the floor that is going to get ripped out in probably 6 months :smiley:

A new dryer? I’m under the assumption that a dryer lasts forever.

Do they make them any more efficient that they did, say, 25 years ago?

I know that you all have been holding your breath on what we decided to get.
With creative fianancing and the decision to go with stackables, we purchased Whirlpool Duet system. Washer and Dryer. total 1900 with taxes and a 5 year service plan with a buy back program. ( If you don’t call for service in 5 years, you are refunded 1/2 of your service plan money. And since we got the service plan for $80 some dollars, rather than the usual $160. I am very happy.)


We da bomb.

Now, we are going to rip down some shelves and put the stackables in there and build an easier cabinet to access for laundry & craft stuff.

This will cost us millions, I’m sure and be complete about 2019. Just in time for a new washer and dryer.