Recommend me a good motorcycle helmet

I went to the local motorcycle shop and tried on some helmets. I found that many of them seemed to restrict my peripheral vision. I want to know if there’s a motorcycle helmet out there that has a very wide field of vision, with the visor opening extending farther along the sides. (I’m talking about full-face helmets, by the way.) Johnny L.A., where are you?

Make Bill Simpson your friend.

Thanks. I notice that there are a great many auto racing helmets on that site as well. They are more expensive than the motorcycle helmets (some of them are more than $600) - is it inconcievable to wear one of those on a motorcycle, or is it just not practical for whatever reason? Some of them are so mean looking, that I might consider shelling out for one at some point if it offered excellent protection.

All of the helmets listed offer Snell foundations certifications
the big difference is that some of the car helmets are designed for fresh air systems, or to combat buffetting at 200+ MPH.
Saftey wise they are all the same.

Safety-wise, anything DOT and Snell 2005 rated is up to par. The difference is in price, and related fit, finish and useability.

Arai is generally considered, the top helmet brand, but others like Suomy and Shoei are just as good. Decent lower priced models are HJC, KBC.

From my experience all current models have excellent field of vision. I really think the whole complaint about full face helmets restricting vision is BS. Maybe that was true in the past, but not today. My current helmet, a KBC Force S, is lightweight, Snell 2005 rated, and has excellent vision. I have full perhipheral vision with it and no line of sight blockage with my eyes fully turned in either direction.

Among all my cycle friends it seems we were either wearing Arai or Shoei. Which one depends on the shape of your head and the comfort.

I did have a KBC for my occassional passenger. It was not as nice but cheaper.

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