Recommend me a good screen saver!

Just replaced my aging laptop with a shiny new one! (Windows 10). I was using a “Matrix” screen saver on the old one. Before that, I used the old 3D pipes, and before that, the famous “Flying through a Star Field” saver. So yeah, something geeky but cool. What are your favorites that I should check out? Thanks!

(and yeah, I know I don’t really need one. I just like them.)

Electric sheep is pretty great.

I still have a small set of OpenGL screensavers, even though I don’t use them anymore. My favorite was Lattice.

Try Johnny Castaway.

Mine’s currently running on Windows 10.

Koi fish is very good but it is not free :frowning:

Sure, you like them- but why waste the battery uselessly?

There isn’t a dedicated page for screensavers at Majorgeeks but they do have quite a few and some that are Win10 compatible: screensavers

I used to really like Voodoo Lights/Cosmos. That was years ago, though; not sure if it’s compatible with the latest/greatest hardware.

I used to love the After Dark screensaver back in 3.1 days. There was a module that let you wrap a bitmap around a globe that would rotate on the screen. I made all kinds of great custom bitmaps to wrap into a globe. My favorite was an eyeball on one side of the globe and the words “I see all” on the other.

I miss the flying toasters. But now that I have a laptop, I just set the thing to go to sleep after a certain amount of time.

I haven’t used a screensaver in a couple of decades.