Recommend me a healthy breakfast that will fill me up until noon

I have been changing my diet in order to eat healthier. First thing I did was completely replace my lunch with a salad. The grocery store now has these bags of pre-cut salad, which last 3 or 4 days, no dressing in them, with a variety - different greens, or veggies. With this I’ve been putting chopped nuts and a bit of vinagrette dressing.

I’ve been doing this for two months and have been shocked at how easy the transition was. I mean, I figured I’d be hungry, but instead, if you eat enough greens, it does fill you up, and you can pretty much eat as much greenery as you want without feeling guilty. (Please don’t make me feel guilty). I’ve also been quietly losing weight, so now it’s on to breakfast.

Right now I’ve either been eating a single egg, made into an omelette shape, but with no butter, with a little bit of salt and pepper, or an english muffin with yogurt butter. In both cases I take a single glass of 2% milk.

Now, right off the bat I am not willing to give up the milk. I love the milk and it’s the only milk I drink, and I don’t particularly like skim.

But it’s the food I want to find an alternative for. I just hate being starving at 10:30 or 11 am, so I want something that fills me up, but maybe something a little healthier than what I am eating. I’ve tried grapefruit or other fruit and it’s just too messy and too much trouble in the morning, plus I’d have to keep buying it. The beauty of the eggs or the english muffin is they can be bought weekly. Plus then I am hungry.


So I suppose you can’t just have two smaller breakfasts? One before leaving home and one in the middle of the morning?

What if you added some protein powder to your milk? Would that ruin the milk for you?

Greek yogurt is filling. Anything high in protein is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

I could, but I hate eating that many times. I suppose I could do yogurt, but I do not like any kind of sweet yogurt, and I’d have to make raita at home, or get Greek yogurt, as ZipperJJ says.

Sequential thread fun… This thread was just above “Urine Soaked Eggs.”

How healthy is the egg? I can’t keep track of whether eggs are supposed to be good for you or bad for you nowadays.

I eat a cup of bran buds with a big 14 oz of unsweetened iced tea every morning at 6 AM.

I don’t eat again until noon, and don’t really suffer from hunger pangs.

My only word of advice, if you adapt this approach: Have ready access to a bathroom after breakfast.

I get kinda peckish around 10:00 A.M. and have been bringing a small zip-lock snack bag with about a half dozen baby carrots and a half dozen cherry tomatoes to work.

This tides me over just fine until 11:30ish. Worth a shot?

You can have an egg white omelet with three egg whites and add in a bunch of veggies (I like onion, garlic and mushrooms in mine but you can put in whatever you like) and then sprinkle a little asiago on top. . . damn, now I’m hungry.

Oatmeal is quite good for you, in a number of ways (including reducing LDL cholesterol levels). It also happens to be good for “satiety” – that is, it leaves you feeling full, for longer. You’ll probably want to have some protein along with the carbs from the oatmeal.

I have a friend who swears by oatmeal for a filling breakfast. I’m going to try it when I’m off my low-carb diet. I’ve been liking non-fat cottage cheese for breakfast. I find with a protien-heavy post-gym snack I don’t get hungry so quickly.

I take baby carrots and celery to work and keep a little tub of peanut butter in my desk for dipping.

But the oats should be steel cut, or even better, whole oat groats. If the oats are rolled, steamed, or especially if processed to make it instant oats, it loses a lot of its benefit.

Greek yogurt gets me through the morning without any hunger. The protein is pretty high, especially in Chobani - around 14g I think.

BTW I forgot to clarify that I meant sweet/flavored protein powder (easiest to find in chocolate or vanilla) which then makes more of a milkshake or protein drink. Not just plain whey protein and milk…that’d be icky :slight_smile:

I’ve been packing frozen mixed berries, plain yogurt, walnuts, and honey in a tupperware every morning - by the time I get to work, it’s defrosted. You could always leave out the honey.

Agreed. The closer to “original”, the better.

Oatmeal mixed with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon. Also, one egg. Eat the egg first, then the oatmeal till you don’t want any more.

Ok. I’m really not fond of oatmeal, so that’s probably not good. I like the Chobani idea; I may go that route, and then have a banananananana around mid morning.

Problem 1: I am LAZY. Why do you think I buy the pre-mixed salads? They are the bestest thing ever. :slight_smile:

I can’t keep track of whether eggs are supposed to be good or bad, either, but when I started doing this, I did some research that said one egg or less is OK for you, if your cholesterol is not high (which it is not) and if you use no butter. So it makes for a nice change up and gives me a chance to have a hot breakfast.

II already pack some fruits and veggies or other healthy snack for the late 3 pm snack…that’s when I usually feel hungry. I’ll bet, if I switch ny breakfasts, it’ll be like my lunch - I;ll be hungry for a bit and then my body will adjust.

Ok, I will try some of the suggestions here. Thanks!

Not sure if you like them or not but an Orange makes a great mid morning snack. It’s full of fiber which will fill you up until lunch and the vitamin C is great for the immune system. In addition :

  1. Orange contains Beta carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant guarding the health of our cells.
  2. Orange contains Calcium, important for healthy bones and teeth.
  3. Our brain needs folic acid for proper development which is found in Oranges.
  4. Blood pressure can be kept in balance with magnesium found in Oranges.
  5. To maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and to maintain electrolyte balance of cells, one can eat oranges for the potassium it provides.
  6. The food we take is converted into energy by thiamin found in orange.

Above all else, an orange is definitely a lazy fruit - buy in bulk and take it anywhere. Just peel and eat.