Recommend me a healthy breakfast that will fill me up until noon

Huh. I remembered some feedback someone on a different message board gave me about how eggs have been vilified and that loading up on egg-white omelets was silly and misses some important nutrients, so I went looking for web links to support that.

According to the Mayo Clinic, I may have been overly optimistic. Yes, egg yolks have choline and Vitamin D along with healthy fats, but it would seem that it’s not the free-for-all that Atkins dieters would have us believe. Color me informed.

Anyhow, I either have eggs scrambled with vegetables (nonstick pan) or 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast. When I have the hard-boiled, I usually have one yolk and skip the other—old habits die hard. But for the scrambled, I think now I am going to have to do the same substitute of extra whites and fewer yolks. I find that vegetables up the satiety factor. can you add some to your omelet?

I do have to offer a dissent to the oatmeal crowd. I love steel cut oats, but they really do leave me quite hungry an hour or 90 minutes later. Protein is always better for me. I do know someone who puts a Tbsp of peanut butter in his oatmeal to increase the staying power, but I think that’s more calories than I want at one time.

I also find that protein is what keeps me from being hungry two hours after breakfast. I swear by a whole-wheat English muffin, a bit of fruit, and some turkey breakfast sausage.

Well, all I can tell you is what I eat in the morning:

Whole grain waffles (Van’s), chunky peanut butter, and a banana. It seems to do the trick for me. And somehow peanut butter never gets old.

Put your egg on the English muffin. You mention you’re not fond of oatmeal, but if you haven’t tried steel-cut oats (sometimes called Irish oatmeal) you should give them a shot. Completely different animal. Make a batch at the beginning of the week and pack into reheatable containers. Add berries, apples (or sauce as mentioned), or cinnamon, and a little sweetner. Trader Joes sells frozen single premade servings (2-pack) if you want to try it without buying a whole box.

I usually boil a pot of eggs on Sunday, and peel one for breakfast when I first wake up. That + coffee takes me from about 4:30 am until 7:30, when Celtling is ready to eat. At that point I just have a bit of whatever whole grain and fruit I’ve set out for her.

I do find that a bit of whole grain makes a huge difference, and it doesn’t need to be much at all.

Also, nuts are very good for adding staying power, and easy to grab 3-4 and power them down quickly.

You can have ALL the chunky peanut butter in the world! It is vile and makes no sense.
Hmm, maybe I will look into the turkey breakfast sausage. I love sausage but I don’t eat it very often because it’s so unhealthy…but turkey might be an acceptable substitute.
A)I am definitely going to try the “boiling all the eggs at once” route. Somehow that never even occured to me, and as I like my eggs hard-boiled, I don’t have time in the morning.

B) I will also try the pre-made containers of oatmeal.

Easiest thing to do is cook up some eggs and stir in some beans. I prefer black beans. You’ll stay hungry through lunch.

My favorite fill me up breakfast is sauteed mushrooms and whatever other vegetables we have in the fridge, usually peppers or tomatoes or asparagus. When they’re almost done I toss an egg in the frying pan as well and scramble it through the vegetables. Tasty and filling.

At 5 a.m. I’ll have a fried egg on an english muffin with whatever cold cut meat I have in the fridge (usually pastrami or smoked chicken breast) briefly warmed in the pan. I’ll pack a container of Chobani Greek yogurt along with a banananana which I eat at work around 9ish. Lunch occurs between 11 and 11:30 for me. There’s some literature out there that suggests breaking your big meals up into smaller meals/snacks (eating less per sitting but eating more often) is beneficial, but I’m too lazy to really look into the science of it and verify. Something along the lines of having a more active metabolism and more consistent insulin levels. It sounds like a good theory, at any rate – and I feel like I have more energy throughout the day when I do this, but it could just be all in my head :slight_smile:

That defeats the purpose altogether! :wink:
I forgot about beans. That’s a big one on South Beach eating plans.

My very favorite breakfast is buckwheat kasha. The easiest way to get it is the Wolff’s brand in the Jewish section of the grocery store, but it’s not the cheapest way. You can cook it in water or milk–I do milk for breakfast. One batch (1/2 cup in 2 1/2 cups milk) makes two largeish bowls, so I save one for the next day. Then I put chopped nuts, craisins, and a little bit of honey in it. YUM. Very filling, lots of protein.

For a different twist on the egg sandwich notion, try puttting scrambled egg or egg white on a whole wheat tortilla with a little cheddar cheese, salsa and some plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream.

Egg beaters, on a bagel with I can’t believe it’s not butter.

  1. Take a normal cereal bowl and spray the bottom and sides with Pam (or some other cooking spray).

  2. Put a serving of egg beaters in the bottom (my favorite is the southwest veggie but the plain is good too).

  3. Microwave for 45 seconds.

  4. Flip, add cheese (if you want) and then microwave for 30 seconds more.

  5. while this is going on toast your english muffin (if you want it toasted).

  6. Spray muffin with fake butter (if you want it buttered).

  7. Add egg/cheese to muffin.

  8. Enjoy.

It tastes really good, it’s pretty damn good for you, it’s filling, it’s not a diet-killing tragedy if you have two “eggs” (with cheese between them), and did I mention it tastes good? It’s also super easy to make and only takes about 2 minutes from start to finish.

I’m another one that finds that an egg keeps me feeling full much better than just carbohydrates. I almost always have an egg on whole-grain sandwich thins. That or some chicken or beef or other protein left over from dinner.

We’ve found that Greek yogurt with fat is more filling and satisfying that the zero fat kind. We buy Greek Gods brand in the 3-cup size and dish it out into individual portions. He likes the kind with honey, I like the one with strawberry and hone.

This breakfast keeps me full until after lunch:

5 heaped tbsps no-sugar muesli (with raisins)
4 heaped tbsps full-fat Greek yogurt
1 chopped banana
Mix it together and add enough milk to wet it, but not enough to make it swim.

It’s delicious and so filling that I find myself eating smaller lunches.

Oops…yeah, I meant “full through lunch”.

I knew there was something wrong with that post when I wrote it, but I didn’t think it was major and didn’t have time to think carefully about it.

Oatmeal was my first thought, possibly with a banana to chase it.

One thing I do on weekends that fills me up for a while is simple peanut butter on toast. Filling and satisfies my need to “crunch”.

Your breakfast sound fine, as do all the suggestioins. S that doesnt fill you up, what time to do you eat lunch, late?

For a midmorning snack I like crunchy with a flavor punch. Wasabi almonds does the trick. Add in a cheese stick or mini babyel cheese wedge & some apple slices. Other easy to travel snacks are the mini packs of dried plums (PRUNES). sweet and filling. You’re good to go.

Bowl of oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. :slight_smile: