I need a healthy, filling, portable snack

Long version: I work out of my car, seeing clients in-home. I try to eat fairly healthy snacks (granola bars, fruit, string cheese), but I always end up starving between lunch and dinner. Sometimes I want to just stuff my face with a donut so I can be contently not-starving before dinner. So I need Doper suggestions for snacks.

Doesn’t need to be heated
Really filling, but hopefully nutritious
Not nuts (I don’t like nuts) (Or beef jerky)

How do you feel about hard-boiled eggs? I stick one in a sandwich baggie with some salt in the bottom, and then when I peel the egg, I dip it in the salt in the baggie. I find it very filling, and it’s protein, so I don’t crash half an hour later.

Carrots, celery, the egg is a good idea too

Apples, bananas, carrots, celery?

You don’t like beef jerky? Would you consider turkey jerky?

I make bento boxes for myself as I am in the same situation as you (not working near a kitchen or lunchroom). Typically I thrown in things like cheese squares, pepperoni, broccoli, carrot chips, eggs, sliced grilled bratwurst, turkey meatballs, or chicken breast strips (if you can keep it in a thermal bag with an ice pack), hummus, sliced peppers, pickles…oh yeah…BACON…I tend to avoid carbs (although I love wasabi peas) with my lunches and snacks to stay away from the afternoon crash that I experience. Good luck finding snacky items!

I like hummus and triscuits or pita chips/bread myself.

My first thought was hard-boiled eggs, but StuffLikeThatThere beat me to it.

Like Jennmonkye, I tend to avoid carbs. I find that eating fat/protein fills me up way better than carbs do, so maybe that will work for you as well.

Yogurt, in the small containers. Get the full-fat stuff, not the low-fat, it’ll fill you up more and it’s not overly caloric at all, and packs in some good protein as well.

Lunch meat - ham/turkey/whatever, and cheese. Put it on a tortilla and roll it up.

Veggies are good, tasty, and low-cal, but they don’t really fill me up. Still, they’re fun to eat so throw some of those in the bag.

Tuna or sardines, though this might not work well if you’re meeting with clients right afterwards.

Bananas with peanut butter smeared on them. I guess if you’re in the car, just a small container of PB and a spoon.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I’ll definitely try the eggs, full-fat yogurt, and lunch meats ideas. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables don’t work for me as a snack because they have no staying power in my stomach.

I usually have gruel on my morning commute: 1/2 cup instant oatmeal, 1/4 cup of sugar-free maple syrup, and two cups of water. Microwave for three minutes. I get fuel, get on the freeway, and usually end up drinking it about 45 minutes after taking it out of the oven. Not helpful for between lunch and dinner, though.

How about a peanut butter-and-banana sandwich? The peanut butter makes it filling, and the bananas give you potassium and something sweet.

Hmm. Need some additional information:

  1. Do you eat a big lunch?

  2. Why would the doughnut fill you up when other snacks wouldn’t?

  3. When you get hungry after lunch, does your hand shake?

My favorite snacks to pack are celery with peanut butter, dates with cream cheese, and vanilla yogurt with granola type cereal. If you are eating it late in the day you can always freeze the yogurt. It will thaw in time and its much less sloppy than milk for cereal.

How about pretzels? I guess they aren’t especially healthy, but, I don’t consider them especially unhealthy, either. They keep forever, they are delicious, and I think just a couple of them will fill you up. Especially, those thick sourdough pretzels.

Snyder’s of Hanover Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces and a jar of cheese, can be a queso dip, or a flask of limburger. Eat with a Root Beer or Ginger Ale.

What is it you don’t like about jerky?

When I started low-carb dieting last year, I started making my own jerky, and it’s pretty amazing how much you can manipulate the flavors and textures.

I bring it up because it’s really great as a snack - it keeps in pretty much all conditions, it’s easy to eat (as long as you slice your strips across the grain - depending exactly on what you do, you can end up with a texture that’s almost crumbly, which makes it really easy to eat), and it’s tasty.

Lunch meat spread with cream cheese and (optional) horseradish then rolled up and (optional) sliced into pinwheels. You can put a leaf lettuce of some sort in there too.

I do the same thing with lunch meat and sliced cheese.

Celery with peanut butter or cream cheese.

You need a healthy, filling, portable snack? You might as well say “I need a unicorn.”

Kidding of course. There are some nice suggestions in this thread.

I go with certain bars, such as Pure Protein or the Atkins Bar. They are rated low numerically on the Glycemic Index, which means they tame huger longer, satiate with protein and are fortified… tasty… and darn easy to carry.

You are also less likely to crave junk for dinner with the right snack choice.


Don’t laugh, but I personally like a wedge of the Laughing Cow cheeses and some crackers. Get a package of wet wipes, the recloseable kind, to clean up with after. The Laughing Cow cheese are semi-soft, come in many flavors (swiss, french onion), you can get the “light” version which are only 35 calories/wedge, and with a small package of crackers boy they are tasty. :slight_smile: Or you could buy cheese and crackers or peanut butter crackers, already made up in the package. LOL I just love those laughing cow wedges with either Ritz crackers or the Keebler club crackers. You could use triskets or wheat thins, or any other kind of cracker, really. Just thought of something else - you can eat the cheese with fruit! I’d go with pear or apple. :slight_smile:

I second the full-fat yogurts. They’re really not much more, calorie-wise. I like the little cottage cheese doublers that Breakstone makes. They do contain about 300 mg. sodium each, though–might be more than people want to have if you’ve got high blood pressure.

I’ve started bringing strips of grilled chicken and vegetables to work for a snack. I grill boneless chicken breasts and cut into strips. Cut strips of cheese, red or green peppers or cucumber to go with it. I prefer it over lunch meat.