Recommend me a job search web site

I’m a software developer in the Eastern U.S., in the job market for the first time in 3 years. Last time I went through this, I found sites like to be somewhat helpful in my job search. But I’ve heard that Monster (and many of the other formerly popular sites) isn’t so hot these days. So, what is hot?

This is all for a good cause. I’m trying to move closer to where my girlfriend lives, so we can get married and get on with our shared life of bliss. :slight_smile:

Anybody who makes a suggestion that leads to me getting a good job gets a biscuit.

would be something you’re looking for? has a lot of tech jobs.

have you tried

I’ve been spending some time there as well as Monster.

I’ve seen statistics that only a tiny fraction of people actually get jobs from job sites - and that was when times were good. Check out for some good advice. Basically, he says you need to connect with real people in real companies to find the jobs that are really there, which are often not on the sites.

I helped someone I was professionally associated with get a job just last month - he started last Monday. He had sent me his resume, and it so happened that a colleague asked my help in defining the requirements for a job in his group. I just brought the resume up, said this guy was perfect for the job, and voila. I think the req got posted, but not for long.

Go to the sites if you want, but don’t bet on getting anything from them.

Oh, and I just heard about a scam. Someone took resumes off resume posting sites, emailed the person, and said there was a job waiting, but they needed to do a background check first. They asked for the job hunters SSN and mother’s maiden name. Instant identity theft. Be warned.

Good luck, and start networking.

I got my current job through Flip Dog. (I have no I dea where its name comes from).

I tried several job hunting sites and found that posting my resume was of no use whatsoever.

But Flip Dog has a very nice feature. You can set up a personalized “job hunter”, in which you select keywords to search for, and a geographic areas to search within. They email you a link to any listings that appear the meet your criteria. I normally got 10-20 per day, though over time a lot of them were re-listings.

And I DID find the perfect job!. I got back into media work (a field I’d left for several years), the worksite was 4 blocks from my home, it was a not-for-profit employer, and my income went up by 25%.

It took about six months to find this job however. I wouldn’t have used this method unless I already had a job that paid the bills.