What job finding sites have you had good luck with?

I was laid off from my job last month and need to find a new one fairly quickly. The job market is not nearly as hot as the last time I was in this position. I had always had good luck before with the big job sites like Monster.com and Hotjobs.com. I got plenty of replies back from companies and even found my two previous jobs through them. However, this time it is not working as well. I am wondering if I am using all of the right resources.

I am a Systems Analyst/Database Developer in the Boston area. I have my resume out on these job sites.

  1. Monster.com
  2. Hotjobs.com
  3. Dice.com (niche contract opportunities)
  4. CareerBuilder.com

Do you know of any other good ones? I know that there may be some niche job sites out there that only certain people know of. Someone in the know referred me to dice.com and it has gotten me more responses than the others combined.

Are there any other, good, little-known resources for a technical guy like myself?

Hi Shagnasty. My brother told me about a site that he uses - www.job-hunt.org. I’ve seen jobs on there that weren’t on hotjobs.

Good luck!

I haven’t used it personally, but User Friendly promotes Geekfinder, and every now and then I see a good success story.

I came all into this thread ready to say that if you’re not in computers/IT, don’t bother with ANY of them. My experience was that they were only used by companies who wouldn’t hire a dog washer unless he had 6 years of Oracle experience.

But never mind.

Nerds Wanted and Geekfinder have given me good results in the past.
Dice is more designed for contract work; and I got my current position through FlipDog.

Just as a side comment, perhaps part of the problem is that the economy just sucks right now, and folks aren’t replying? I’ve been looking off and on since the start of April, and you can count the number of responses I’ve gotten on one hand.

I got my current job from Monster. But that was 2 years ago.

I’ve had no luck whatsoever with those online job search engines. Get the Sunday paper or network yourself.

Here is a job that Rick asked me to forward to you:

I don’t know what the culture is like in that division, but I know the manager and he is a nice, very intelligent, normal guy. People who work for him like him very much. They’re located in the corporate center, on either the third or fourth floor.

Over 2 years ago, I got the astonishment of my life when I first put my résumé on monster.com and the very next day an employer e-mailed me to ask if I wanted to work for them. That, friends, is the same job I have today. :smiley:

However, I’ve had my updated résumé on Monster since then and they’ve come up with nothing but crap. Go figure. I’m sticking with my current job, all thanks to Monster.

I just found a new job through Monster.com, I start on Monday. I was on Monster, Hotjobs, CareerBuilder, and a couple minor sites that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I found I generally got more/better responses from Monster.

I agree with rjung. The reason you’re getting fewer replies isn’t because you’re using the wrong sites, it’s because the economy is in the toilet and there aren’t a lot of good jobs out there.

I’ve been job hunting for a couple of months now, monster, dice hotjobs, careerbuilder, headhunter.net and the Philly Sunday paper and I’ve gotten about squat.

I’ve been job-hunting for approximately 28 hours through monster.com (via MSN’s homepage), and I’ve already gotten two calls for $10/hour jobs.

And I’m a 19-year-old college-student-on-hiatus with next to no experience.

Go figure. They must be really lackin’ for secretaries up there.

Hi Shag, I have had about the same luck as you. (I was laid off at the same time). The boards just aren’t what they used to be.

One year ago I posted on only monster for one week and got many calls. Now, I am on about 8 boards and have only got one call in a month.

That call came today. They were on monster and I applied by sending my resume. Then they called me. The woman from HR I talked to said mine was the 156th email she recieved. She actually reads them all, and said saving my resume to her HD was me making the big cut.

So, they are out there, it is just a matter of getting past the 150 other laid off techies to get in the door. shrug

Oh, and here is my list of sites…

Hotjobs, Dice, CarreerBuilder, and Monster are the best four IMO. I am also on these:

America’s job bank


Gov’t Jobs



Also, someone mentioned the paper. I tried that for the first time this week and was extremely disapointed. There was literally nothing there. In this economy, companies realize they don’t need to incur the expense of an ad to get many applicants.

I got my job off of Monster.com, but here are the sites I used regularly (aside from those I saw mentioned in my brief scan of the thread):

Net Temps

Yea! Do you have an interview? I hope it goes well, Debaser.

I actually got my first call in a month this week, too. Maybe the market is picking up.

Your college’s alumni or job placement site- many of them offer a place to review positions submitted directly to the school. I am chasing one job that was listed there that did not make the Yahoo or Monster boards.


Ya, I have an interview next week. It is a shady list broker company that is listed as private on Monster.com. Also, the email address of the HR person was a hotmail account.

I may never return from this meeting.

Oh my! Should we call you on your cell phone during the meeting to make sure you’re OK? :wink:

Seriously though, it’s good to get practice interviewing anyway, even if it’s not a company you would consider working for. That way you’re in shape when a good prospect calls.