Recommend me a scifi tv series

I want scifi, I crave scifi.
Lately I’ve been watching:

  1. Vampire diaries: Hot chicks, crap show. I don`t watch it anymore.
  2. Lost: Haven’t seen it.
  3. Heroes: Loved the two first seasons then meh.
  4. Stargate Atlantis: I H A T E it.
  5. Caprica: Boring.
  6. Babylon 5: Excelent.
  7. Star treks: DS9 is great the rest not so good.
  8. Battlestar Galactica: The first season and the miniseries are great. Someone should be stoned for the last season.
  9. Farscape: ¿?
  10. Torchwood: ¿?
  11. Buffy and Angel: Great.
  12. Being human: ¿?
  13. Firefly: pretty good.
  14. True Blood: I like it a lot.
  15. Crusade: Showed promise.

So, what I am missing from the last couple of years? I specially want doper feedback on the couple of series that I haven`t seen.

Alien Nation (a spin-off of the movie of the same name)

oops- sorry, I didn’t realize you only wanted recent stuff - Alien Nation was from the late 80s.


Farscape is great, particularly the first two seasons. The third starts to lose it, and the fourth (and final) sucks in some places, but its still an enjoyable show the whole way through. The second season in particular is gold. The main character, Crichton, is hilarious. He continually reflects on his new alien experiences by referencing popular culture of Earth. It just works for me. I would highly recommend it. Engaging characters that grow during the show, believable relationships, and some really cool episodes where they pushed the boundaries of what a weekly sci-fi series could be.

From your list I greatly enjoy **Lost **and Torchwood.

Doctor Who is one of my top five favorites as is Supernatural.

Edit: On preview I will second both Eureka and Farscape.

And I swear to god I’m not living in the past, but you should check out Amazing Stories, (1985-1987) recently released on DVD.

I classify Fringe as SyFy. I like it. I watched the first season of Heroes and liked it okay, but the second season seemed to lose its way. I can’t comment on others mentioned in the OP.

Have you thought about Netflix and the X-Files?

I also recommend Farscape, only I thought it was the first and fourth seasons that were sub-par, though still well worth watching (specially the second half of season four).

I also enthusiastically second Doctor Who. On Torchwood I feel more ambiguous. I thought the first season was crap, the second hit and miss and the Children of Earth mini-series that stood for the third season was superb.

Thirding Doctor Who (the new series, from 2005-now.) And from your list I would recommend Being Human & Torchwood.

I enjoy LOST, but know that if you get into it, it will be a huge haul. To get anything out of it, you basically have to watch every episode, in order, and as the series is still on the air I don’t even know if it will have a satisfactory ending, unlike the other shows I mentioned where most episodes can work as standalone stories, and each season is basically a complete narrative. (Being Human was only 6 episodes I believe, so it’s a quick watch.) **Jekyll **was also really good, it was a 5 or 6 part miniseries from a few years ago. Horror mixed w/ sci-fi.

First, rent the SyFy (SciFi back then) mini series The Lost Room. You won’t regret it. However, you’ll wish it was made into a series.

Then, catch up real quick on FlashForward, “V” and Fringe.

After that, do yourself a huge favor and dive straight into LOST. Some of the best TV ever, and you won’t have the agonizing wait from week to week, or season to season.
It’s not Sci Fi, but Breaking Bad is so awesomely good no one should ignore it. It has science in it, and that’s good enough for me. But damn, what a show.

ETA: Another nod for Eureka, and perhaps even check out the new Warehouse 13 on the same network.

Also, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, while sometimes dramatic and interesting, was all kind of a pointless exercise (especially since it had to come to a premature end due to cancellation).

And Dollhouse was pretty limp. It had its episodes, but after I heard they cancelled the series, I immediately lost interest and stopped watching halfway thru season 2.

Another vote for Eureka.

Kinda ambivalent about Warehouse 13. It’s the premise. Every ep, I want to jump into the show and grab Nielsen by the lapels and scream, "Why are all these incredible numinous artifacts here in this warehouse and not in a laboratory being studied?!" :mad::mad::mad:

(See Reed Richards Is Useless.)

Lately I’ve been getting into The Ghost Whisperer, if that counts as scifi – at any rate the reruns are shown on the SciFi Channel. It’s kinda soppy, but a good thing of its kind.

Fourthing Eureka.

For shits and giggles, the first season of Andromeda isn’t completely without merit.

Estilicon, what were your feelings about Jurassic Park? If you liked it, you’ll probably like the BBC show Primeval. It’s a bit campier, buy the cast is more attractive (mostly. Ben Miller makes up for his ordinary looks by getting the best sarcastic lines) The basic premise is that holes to the past, and eventually future, open up in the modern day UK, letting creatures from other eras wreak havok, while the government tries to cover it up with the help of a group of scientific folks. One’s a professor, another is his assistant, one’s a reptile expert, and one is a geeky but lovable hacker, and the last two are government screws. It airs on the BCC-America now and then, and is out on DVD in region 1 and 2 sets.

Along the lines of The Ghost Whisperer, it’s far scarier predecessor Haunted comes out on DVD in April. It’s what that Matthew Fox guy from Lost did between it and Party of Five. He was a PI who was investigating his son’s disappearance when he had a near death experience and began to see ghosts whose deaths needed looking into. Tru Calling and Ghost Whisperer seem to have both borrowed from it, imho.

Right after that’s when the big plot sped up.

Greaaat. I might watch the rest.

Thanks I’ll check it.
I’ll also check Eureka, sounds great.

Yet another Eureka rec. I love this show. It manages to combine a quirky sense of humor with serious drama and does it well. The cast is really good.

I’ll also recommend Warehouse 13 . After a couple of stumbles early on it grew on me a great deal. And Saul Rubinek is incredible in everything he does.

BrainGlutton - you may get your wish - the producers of Eureka are, according to a recent interview, seriously considering doing a Warehouse 13 crossover this season…

I agree. Farscape is excellent and I think you would like it.

Check out the DVD’s of Ultraviolet - not the Mila Jojovich movie, which sucks, but a six-episode British series. A small team of Fearless Vampire Hunters, but with a scientific bent. The subjects of their interest are never called “vampires”, but only “Code 5s” (Code V, get it?), and are studied scientifically before being dispatched.

Curiously, the lead actress, according to IMDB, is something like the great-granddaughter of Jonathon Harker, the real-life friend of Bram Stoker, who wrote him into his novel.