Recommend me a skit to act out from a movie

Depending on the audience, precede that with the Madonna’s Like A Virgin discussion in RD!
But do NOT attempt the Zed, Maynard, Marcellus scene in Pulp Fiction!

No, this is the greatest Python skit ever.

Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit

Which one of you wants to play Mr. Creosote?

Any of the Randall/Dante back-and-forths from “Clerks”. Cliched? Yeah, but it’d go over well on a college campus.

If you’re after pure stupidity there’s plenty of exchanges from Dumb and Dumber you could do.

“Can not. Stamp it”
“Can too. Double stamp it no erasies”
“Can not, triple stamp it, no erasies, touch-blue-make-it-true.”
“You can’t do that, you can’t triple stamp a double stamp”

On preview that doesn’t actually look too funny. Oh well.

Three people you say? Sounds just about perfect for the end speech from The Boondock Saints… (the just about part being that the third person doesn’t get to do much except kick somebody in the back and say “Shut the fuck up!” Of course, I don’t recommend using real guns if you’re going to do this particular one.