Recommend me a skit to act out from a movie

So, I have a lame job-

I am a cook and at times during breakfast, my two coworkers in the kitchen and i go out and act out a scene from a movie and attempt to be funny (Hey, its a way to make money- i’m a college student.)

so what movies should we do? We’ve already gone out with pots over our heads and acted out braveheart. I can’t come up with anymore… please help!

-Oh and one of my coworkers is from poland and has a heavy accent. maybe that will be of some help.

Jules & Vinnie’s Big Mac & Foot Rub conversations from PULP FICTION

My wife and I did this classic skit at our church’s Christmas party, it’s great to see pastors’ wives with eggnog spitting out of their nose!

“One leg too few”

Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore. This is the first skit Peter ever wrote. He never topped it (equalled it many times though).

At a restaurant, I can think of nothing better than acting out “Spam, spam and more spam” by Monty Python’s Flying Circus!

Heck, you could have it start out like a legitimate order, and gradually get louder and loder as the exchange takes place so more and more people notice until the whole restaurant is watching this odd exchange (in a real Andy Kaufman kind of manner).

I’m not sure how you’d slip the Vikings in unnoticed, though :wink:

Anything Monty Python really. It’s become an art in the past twenty years to do really bad impromptu reproductions of any MP scene, skit, or special effect.

You really need to see it to appreciate Dud/Spiggot’s ludicrous cheerfulness.

Very true. I gave a lecture on Victorean -era self defense once and ended it by dropping a 16 ton weight from the ceiling on the unsuspecting volunteer.

Got a big laugh, even from people who never watched Monty Python.

Alas, it was only made of cardboard :frowning: .

If you want to do a MP sketch, how about the Restaurant Sketch. The one where the patron complains about the dirty knife.

One of the best lines:

“Never, never kill a customer.”

It’d take a lot of choreography and practice, but there’s the bit from one of the Marx Brothers movies where Groucho and Harpo are mirroring each others’ movements in a doorway.

How about the dinner scene from “My Dinner with Andre”?

Do the scenes from Say Anything where Cusak is talking to the guys hanging out at the Kwickie Mart.

Or do the ‘You had me at hello’ scene from the end of Jerry Maquire. (it will be funnier if you are two guys)

Maybe something from The Blues Brothers?

Get some sort of carts and do the shoppig mall chase scene.
What scenes have you done?

Best. Python. Scene. Ever!!!

I heartily concur with the Monty Python suggestions, but i have another one of my own:

Given that this is in a restaurant, and you are doing it for extra cash, why not do the tipping debate from Reservoir Dogs? :slight_smile:

Or the challenge with the Sicilian from The Princess Bride? “Clearly, I can not drink from the goblet in front of me!

Well there’s always the restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally… although if your workplace is like the restaurant I used to work at and breakfast is mostly senior citizens and families, that might not go over so well… :smiley:

Ever read or seen the play All in the Timing? It’s comprised of a number of shortish skits (though they still may be longer than you want). Most of them are pretty funny, and at least two of them (The Philadelphia and Seven Menus) are set in restaurants. The skit Philip Glass Buys A Loaf of Bread is also good for some pointless humor.

I agree with FriarTed on the Pulp Fiction Big Mac scene. “Royale with cheese.” Hilarious.

Lot’s of I Love Lucy episodes to use:

The fight when they split their diner in half and kept lowing the prices…
Lucy changing tables multiple times until the waiter couldn’t find them…
Lucy changing her mind every time someone else ordered a different dish…

And any variation of a pie fight…come on…you know that would be the talk of the restaurant for a long time! (Although to cut down on costs and mess, I would use the standard whipped cream on a paper plate version).

This cult classic is simply loaded with great scenes. There’s a link in the list on the right to the complete screenplay, BTW. Content warning: harsh language, copious alcohol and drug abuse, sexual themes, an attempted buggery, and emotionally arrested development all-around.

How far can you guys go in your edginess? Could you get away with using skits that use the F-word (for starters)?

If you pride think yourselves adequate improvisationalists, you could take a hint from Whose Line Is It Anyway and do a version of “Scenes from a hat”, “Props” or “Hats”.
Or, my favorite, “World’s Worst”.