Recommend me a VR game

Just got a VR viewer for my 62nd birthday — so I’m old and all of this is new to me.

I’ve found a lot of reviews for games, but they all require Oculus or PlayStation or a PC or something. What I need is the kind you download onto your phone and then stick the phone into your viewer. (My viewer is plastic, not cardboard, but it’s like Cardboard.)

I like FPS, especially but not exclusively when they’re set in space. I like solving puzzles. I like building things, but I don’t know if any VR games do that.

I have no use for roller coasters or flight simulators or anything else where you basically just look around you. I have no interest in racing cars (or anything else). I don’t care to walk through a creepy setting just to be scared.

Also, I just got laid off, so I’d prefer not to spend too much … maybe $10 - $15 tops. Is that possible?

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Check out, “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”

A great game with a group in the room with you.

Thanks, that looks like fun. I’ll grab it once we can be in the same room with other people again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile, does anyone have ideas for something I can play by myself?

If I am not mistaken, Keep Talking would require an Oculus or PC-connected headset. It’s been some years since I have used a VR viewer but your best bet would be to search for VR games in your mobile store and look at the ones with decent reviews. For examples on the Play Store there is something called VR Galaxy wars which looks like fun and has decent user reviews.