Recommend me art products for a 5 year old

It’s my nephew’s 5th birthday soon and it’s been suggested that I get him some drawing-related stuff - a set of felt-tip pens or the like. But I know what kids can be like so I’m rather concerned for the walls of my brother’s house. Safety is another concern - I don’t want him stabbing someone in a fit of rage.

Are there any felt-tip pens with water-soluble inks? What else would be suitable for a 5-year old?

Crayola washable markers. I don’t usually worry about brand names, but in this case they really are better than the off brands. And they do wash out. You might want to get a tablet of paper, so he has his own, maybe make up kind of a personalized art kit for him. Now is a good time for this since it’s back-to-school season, so you can get all that stuff for a lot less money. Paper, markers, maybe a package of crayons, there are even markers that have rubber stamp type ends on them. You might want to throw in a coloring book to get him started, depending on what he already has. Take a walk through the school section of any discount store. If it fits your budget you might think about a pouch or some kind of holder for his supplies, maybe even just a loose leaf notebook with a pencil pouch. If he has things that are just his, he might be less likely to draw where he shouldn’t. (I say might, because some kids get carried away anyway.)

But the washable markers definitely do wash out, at least I never ran across anything they didn’t come out of.

Have fun.

Toys-R-Us is having a “buy 1, get 2 free” sale on Crayola washable markers and crayons, at least ours is (it’s in today’s paper). Three boxes wouldn’t be too many, it’s amazing how quickly kids burn through them (i.e., leave the caps off so the markers dry out).

Stickers are excellent, too.

For Christmas, I bought “journal” tablets for my kids. They’re not spiral bound, they look more like a lab notebook, the paper’s really well attached to the cover. The advantage is, they can keep creating masterpieces long after my walls are full of artwork, and it’s easy for these books to be retained as well. The lines don’t seem to bother them one way or the other. I told them they were “Diego Animal Science Journals”.

Color Wonder paints and markers only work on special paper, so even if kids use the markers on something, it doesn’t show up. My kids love them.

Of course, we also love a good old-fashioned, messy finderpaint now and again. It’s just a matter of teaching them where it’s OK to paint/draw/color.

We also have big flip-chart pads for those days when a small drawing just won’t do.

And glitter glue is pretty cool, but again, can be messy.

An easel and giant paper would be tons of fun for a little tyke.

And a smock.

And home-made Playdoh, which is equal parts flour and salt, add water until the consistency is right, and a drop or two of food coloring. It’s fun for the kids to make as well.

A drop-cloth wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. It will set a boundary in the kid’s mind on where it’s cool to do art and where it’s not.

There’s a wide variety of safe, washable stuff in the toy section or toy store of your choice…just make sure you don’t buy something that looks great, but the fine print shows that they’re non-washable markers… :smack:

A 5 year old might like one of those carrying case art sets, as they want to be mobile and well-supplied at that age… :smiley:

(I have a 5 yo boy, FWIW)

Are you sure he’s a wall scribbler? If that trait is going to energe it should have by now. However, I’d still recommend washable felt-tips 'cos accidents to happen (usually to new clothes).

Kids are also impressed by quantity so a big box of crayola wax crayons or a big tin of colouring pencils go down well.

Paper - a pack of printer paper is usually the most economical. However, if you have a local discount store check if they do cheap art supplies and find paper with different textures (good for proper soft colouring pencils, not the nasty hard ones).

Collage supplies might go down well - places like Wilkinsons do these - shiny shapes, fluffy balls, coloured feathers and the like.

I don’t know; equally, I don’t want his parents to find out the hard way.

:smiley: :smiley:

Yes, but the present can’t be too big - I’m flying up there.

Not with a baby around.

If Quartz-nephew has Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars, he can draw roads for them then tape the individual road-panels together and make a city. I haven’t done this since I was a teen but IIRC 3" is the minimum width for a two-lane road.

Sorry, I misread the title as “art projects”. :smack:

I always recommend a chalkboard and colored chalks. I spent hours every day drawing on mine when I was a kid. It is too big to go on the plane, but you could pick one up when you get there at any office supply or craft store.

They’re usually in long flat boxes - less than the dimensions of a keyboard, certainly.

And I bet they wouldn’t have suggested art materials if he scribbed on walls!

Or sidewalk chalk!

Update! I got him the washable crayons and pens and they were very well received. Once again the SDMB turns up trumps. Thanks guys!