Suggestions for my son who just discovered crayons

Although I’ve kept crayons and markers and extra paper around for years, my 5 year old son (just with in the last week it seems) has discovered that he loves to color and draw. Having colored his way though the 2 or 3 coloring books that I have, I need more material for him. Can anyone suggest some online work books that I can down load and print? Simple pictures are good, but also practice sheets for his numbers and letters would be great. Thanks

Can’t help with the worksheets and such, but if you want to boost his artistic creativity, just dump the coloring books and keep him supplied with blank paper. Rather than teaching him to stay in the lines, let him make his own lines!

I like the way you think, but coloring in the lines and practicing his numbers and letters help him develop the mussels in his hands (the things you learn being a parent :rolleyes: ). See, sometimes it’s good to stay inside the lines. has neat pages for printing and coloring. does, too.


These then.

These are older but very cool.

Make sure he has some blank paper to “create” with though. A roll of butcher paper is inexpensive (If you explain to your butcher why you want it, they may even give it to you for free, depending on how well you know the person), and gives him an outlet for when he wants to draw something special. Also, The Coloring Spot has downloadable pics as well as links to other sites with more pictures.

You can also tack a sheet of clear plastic on a wall, and make it “the drawing wall.” Let him attack it with water based markers, and you’ll be saving paper.
Of course, he has to undestand he can only draw on that particular wall.

Get ready for creativity, cause kids just ooze ideas. Might as well devote space in a cupboard, closet or storage container for his crafting tools. Crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, blank paper and big sheets too like mentioned above, workbooks, blunt tip scissors, watercolors, brushes, washable paints, tape, glue. Save household stuff for busy hands, extra ribbon yarn, dry beans rice. cardboard tubes, etc etc.

Now after he’s done with his creation of the hour and shows it to you, pick out something in it that you can compliment besides just saying its nice or pretty or good. It may be the colors he’s chosen or that he worked hard on getting a scene just so, and let him tell the story behind it, if there is one.

have fun, make sure he helps to clean up a little, and decorate with his art!


Boys generally have slower hand skills than girls.

My 4.5 year old daughter is writing quite well and way ahead of where he 6.5 year old brother was at at her age. You cannot force a child to learn something they are not ready for. I am not saying you are trying, but pushing them only builds resentment.

You can buy a WAD of construction paper at Costco for $9. I think it came with 500 sheets. Variety of colors. Lasts forever. I know, I have two kids who have free and total access to it at all times. The stuff regenerates itself, I think and I’ve had it since at least April.

Also, to help with hand skills, try a bunch of fun cutting scissors. sometimes at Costco during the holidays they have 20 creative cut scissors plus a stand for $15-20 bucks. well worth it to get it or ask around for someone who has a membership to pick it up for you.

You want fun: give them glue, stickers and tape. All to be had reasonably cheap at a dollar store. Well, the sticker prices are rape no matter where you go. Bastids.

Also fun are **Crayola Window Markers. ** 7 markers ( no red one, which is odd because the set features Spiderman on the box. Must of have problems with it.) they write on the window and clean up with windex. Two tries. One to get the color off, the second to get the fog residue off. My kids both do their " homework " on the sliding glass door. The son gets math problems. The daughter gets to write letters. They love it. About $7 and not widespread yet. Found ours at Rite Aid and haven’t seen them at any other Bigger Chain Store yet.

…and these might interest you as well.

I remember crayons.

Purple was my favourite flavour.


They’ve got some great printable colouring-in stuff - mostly UK kid’s TV related, but it’s all good, and there are some great links to sites with on-line kids’ games. lowercase thinks daddy is magic because he can conjure up Bob The Builder colour-ins at the drop of a hat.

Hmmmm, maybe you could get him some sturdy stencils? I also remember having a bunch of old cookie cutters that I was allowed to trace around, and then color in the tracing. For the smaller stencils, have him use a pen or pencil to draw the outline, and then use crayons to fill it in.

I liked My kids like to make ‘rubbings’ of leaves. Also, big bookstores have really neat coloringbooks such as castles, animals and such.

You could also use a black magic marker and draw some simple pictures yourself, then let him color them in. has some good printables with favorite Nick Jr. characters (Blue, Dora the Explorer, etc).

And if he decides to color the walls with his crayons? I highly recommend the Magic Eraser sponges. Work like a charm, on crayon as well as lots of other things.

When I was young, I had a great time coloring (and playing office) with big stacks of forms my grandmother foraged from her office’s dumpster.

Holy cow.

Reading that gave me a very clear mental picture of sitting at the kitchen table getting hollered at by my mother because the printing in the thank you note she was making me write gramma wasn’t neat enough. I was probably three or four at the time.

Sorry for the hijack. I just…whoa. A whole lotta things just fell into place there.