Recommend me some black jeans

I’m a Levi Strauss wearer from way back, and over the last year or two I’ve gotten several pairs in the newer cuts, that is regular-fitting low-rise. Mainly 527’s and “Skinners” (see here.
I need some black jeans because the ones I have are starting to get too old to wear to work. (Note: It’s a business casual environment where black jeans are condoned if they’re in good condition).

So here’s the problem. I’m so tired of black 501s that I don’t want to buy another pair of those. I like the newer styles of Levis, but I can only find them in blue. “Skinners” do exist in black, but they’re 35% poly (yuck) and creasedugh!!.

So recommend me some brands and styles. I like them slightly tight to normal fitting, but never baggy. Also I prefer a lower rise, not extremely so, of course, but lower than regular 501s. Ideally they should be preshrunk 100% cotton.

FTR I’m 5’9, and have a reasonably good build.

Also I need them to be traditionally dark and “new” looking, i.e. not distressed, stonewashed, prematurely faded, or anything similar.

If you’re a woman, I think Victoria’s Secret has the best fitting, best assortment of fits, and best quality out there. I just love them. If you’re a man, they probably won’t fit you right, but you can give it a try, I s’pose.

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Hmmm - Jeans, I bet they’re tight.
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Not so much a jean style recommendation A washing machine guideline:
Before running you black jeans thru the cold-water wash cycle (with Tide liquid) - turn them Inside-Out.

For some reason washing black jeans inside out prevents those greyish/white spider web affects on the fabric.


Nope, I’m a guy. And I do notice that lots of men’s black jeans these days seem to be distressed and/or don’t fit the way I like. As for trying VS…nope, I don’t think so but thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Cords might work, too…

I do get these gender mix-ups occasionally, ever since I stopped being javaman. You must get the same thing sometimes, ever since you stopped being Echokitty! :smiley:

I wear Lee carpenter pants which are probably too baggy for you, but the black ones stay black for a LONG time.

I can’t wear Levi because of the way they fit, so Lee is a good option. Try some on, I guess.

I must warn you, though. Buddy Lee will be staring at your ass all day. :slight_smile:

Try to find some Calvin Klein black jeans. They stay black forever and they do come in some of the newer styles. I’ll also second the recommendation to wash them inside out.

Good Luck!

I had a pair of black CK jeans years ago, until they ripped right up the back. Not at the seam, but next to one of the pockets. And it wasn’t like they were super tight, or that my wallet was overstraining the back pocket. I was at work too, but fortunately wearing a fairly long sport coat.

Speaking again of Calvin Klein, it’s too bad that they, apparently alone of all the major jeans makers, still haven’t put up a flashy website so you can see what they have to offer. Searching for CK on the Internet is nothing more than an invitation to download spy- and adware.

I own a ton of pairs of Eddie Bauer jeans, fit me extremely well and are well made. Most jeans are too baggy/have too long of a rise. Try them on in the store, and order online. I always order stuff from there when it’s on sale, or from the outlet store.

Lands’ End will make you some custom jeans in black for $54. I have no idea if this is in your price range or not.

In addition to turning the jeans inside out when you wash them, you might try adding half a cup of vinegar to the first wash water. Sometimes that will set the dye.

Michael Penn may have some recommendations. You should check with him.

Thanks, Lynn, I’ll check it out. $54 for custom made is well worth it, considering that a standard pair of Levi’s runs around $44. Though I have some misgivings about buying clothes of a brand with which I have no experience, without being able to try them on.

As for keeping them black, I’ll keep everyone’s suggestions in mind. Though I haven’t really had a problem with that. I’ve found that my black jeans now will still stay acceptably dark for at least a couple of years without any special handling. My problem now is that a couple of my pairs are much older than that.

Carhart makes a jean/workpants that come in a color called petrol. It is a blackish gray color and the color holds up fairly well if washed inside out. They have a fairly low rise and they last forever.

carhart washed duck pants


another style in black

but then again, depending on what type of work enviornment you are in they may not be “dressy” enough.

Thanks, I checked that out, but they look too much like painter pants–the problem with that being that it’s hard to keep to a neat appearance as I can do with regular jeans.