Jeans that fit!

I haven’t had a new pair that fit me in over 5 years. They fit in the waist and the legs.

They are low rise, but I don’t have ass cleavage. The important thing is I don’t have to cut 3 inches of the legs off and I don’t need a belt. I can forgive the low rise part.

And I got Biohazard in my Happy Meal.

Life is good.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of jeans that fit me without needing alterations. :frowning: If they fit me well in the waist, hips and thighs, then they’re always too bloody long. Thankfully it’s not too big a deal to get the legs shortened.

Congrats on your jeans fittingness. :slight_smile:

Levi’s boot cut, 30/34 always fit.
Women’s sizes are truly bizarre - they bear no resemblance to actual measurements, vary widely, and don’t seem to be set up for real people anyway. Jeans and T-shirts are the only things I can buy that seem to be produced in my size, but at least I can trust what those sizes are!

I used to have a problem finding jeans that fit me without alterations.

Then I discovered that Gap and Old Navy sells jeans online – and with a much bigger selection than what they have in the stores. Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

galen ubal I think we (guys{assuming you are as well, if not please forgive the error you sexy sexy woman}) are just much less picky about the fitting. If jeans feel good and I’m not walking on the legs while I’m wearing shoes and they don’t show sock when I sit there you go, a perfect fit.

By the by Dagny hope they last you another five.

I dunno, Clever Hans, from the ranting and raving I’ve heard on the boards and in real life, it seems like the makers of women’s clothing are playing some kind of sadistic game. It doesn’t seem to be (only) pickiness. A size 6 from one maker doesn’t match up with a size 6 from another, not to mention having to look on a chart to find out what size you are, like you’re some kind of oil filter! We can just look at a tag and go.

BTW, yes, I’m a guy.

Like their jeans! Thanks for mentioning the webpages…going there!

Oh, for jeans that fit!

If they fit well in the ass and thighs, I can’t button them.
If they fit in the waist, the thighs balloon out like jodphurs.
Or if they do fit in the waist, thighs and ass, I find out they are ‘petites’ (how they hell did they get into the regular section?!?!) and are just too short at the hem for me to feel comfortable (I absolutely HATE high-water pants).
And of course the store is always out of ‘average’ in my current size.

Especially with me losing weight so quickly, shopping every couple of weeks for new jeans (hell, pants in general) is hell.

Okay, the BEST place to get jeans is Victoria’s Secret. They start at size 0 and go up. They come in Petite, Regular, and Long. They come in assorted rises (my current favorite is the “Sexy” low rise) and they’re only $48. And you can order them on the phone. They tend to run long, which is a good thing if you wear heels.

Ach, buying jeans is as bad as trying to find a new bra. If they fit in the hips, the thighs are too tight and the waist too big. It doesn’t matter how they fit in the waist, thighs, and hips, they’re always too long. I have NEVER in my life owned a pair of jeans that I didn’t have to roll or hem. I wear alot of skirts these days.

Levi’s 501 buttons all the way, cuz the “one button left undone” thing works so well with them.

Unfortunatly I have rather beefy thights from excessive cycling and to get them to fit me right, they need to be too big in the waist. If, OTOH, I find some 32’s that fit me in the waist, the thighs are tight as hell.

I feel like 99% of clothing these days is being made to accomodate dunlap’s disease.

Part of the problem is that women’s jeans are the work of Satan.

Men’s trousers are sized by measurements. 30/34s are 30 inches around the waist, 34 inch inseam; easy enough. (By which I can also assume that galen ubal is rather tall and thin. Yum. Anyhow…)

Women’s are sized by a pool of monkeys swimming in a ball-pit full of Bingo balls. A pair of women’s trousers are thrown at the monkeys. They throw back feces. Occasionally there is a bingo-ball thrown with the feces. Whichever bingo-ball is ejected at the same time as feces when that pair of trousers is introduced is the size that they will call them this season.

This is why I wear anything from 12s to 18s. It just depends on the season, the store, and the monkeys.

I don’t know, Hans. It seems like I’ve always found some variations in the men’s sizes of jeans as well as other pants, especially as you go from brand to brand, but sometimes even in the same brand and style. If I’m buying a pair of 501’s, I always take two or three pairs into the dressing room, just to make sure I get one that really fits and doesn’t have any obvious defects. I’ve found that the length can vary significantly.

BTW I can’t avoid having a little sock show when sitting down, if I don’t want to have the bottoms scrape the ground.

Ugh. Jeans. The last time I went shopping at a thrift store I came home with three pairs: a size 5, 9, and 13, all of which fit. Gimme a freakin’ break!

One store I’ve found to have great jeans is Lerner. They’ve got lots of sizes, lengths and cuts and they’re pretty cheap too. Even though I’m short and endowed with “good birthing hips” I can still find a few styles. The only problem is I have to go to the stinkin’ Mall of America to get them, but it’s worth it for good jeans.

So where’d you find this pair, Dagny?

Women’s jeans sizes are complicated which makes perfect fitting difficult.

Therefore all women should submit JPEGS of themselves in jeans and I will be happy to tell you whether or not they fit nice.

Levi’s 517 boot-cut leg, black low-rise stretch jeans size 5. Tight and loose in all the right places, with the leg falling right at the heels of my boots. I’ve been through four pairs already in the last year and a half. :slight_smile:

My wife has a hard time finding jeans that fit. Victoria’s Secret size 0 petite are still a little too big. And she likes pegged jeans which are hard to find. I agree that flare legs look goofy on most people.

Women’s’ Jeans sizing is totally wack.

That’s why I usually buy men’s - Levi’s, 501s, 30-34 (Apparently, Galen and I can share pants. :D)

Actually, Buffalo Jeans fit pretty well - they seem to accommodate butt, thighs, and waist quite well.

Silver are ok also, but I find you have to go up a couple of sizes to get them to fit - or at least I do.


I once loved Levi’s 512… they are discontinued now :frowning: so I have found solace in … they have Petite, Regular & Long. They will send them via US Mail, UPS or FedEx (whichever you prefer). Their Relaxed Fit size 12 Petite works perfectly for me - the stores at the mall are an exercise in futility. Good Luck!

Out of all the different brands of jeans I’ve tried, I’ve found that Lee usually fits me the best. If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can get them in Wal-Mart under the “Rider” label.

The best part is that I don’t have to try on jeans anymore – I know the 6 medium eased fit will work every time. :slight_smile: