The jean pool is bottlnecked

I bought a pair of Levis Sunday. They fit in the waist and the thighs - a rarety. So I bought them. I left the store, looking sharp and feeling good…this lasted until I had to sit down in them for ten sequential minutes, whereupon I realized they would really only fit if I was a woman, if you see what I’m saying.

This has been a life-long struggle (finding jeans that fit, I mean). Usually, if the thighs are big enough, there is enough room in the waist for myself, a friend, and a few Samoans. Conversely, if I buy my waist size, I can’t get it more than four inches past my knees. Now I have to worry about the damn crotch, too?

Is this proof that aliens walk among us? WHO the hell are these things designed for? I am a little large - 6’2", 215 lbs., but hardly freakishly so. AND IT’S ONLY WITH JEANS. I don’t have this problem with other clothes. Well, not as much, anyhow.

Does anyone out there NOT have a problem finding jeans that fit? A quick poll of co-workers has not turned up any aliens.So what’s the deal?

To make the question more general (and, hopefully, interesting), how often do the makers of clothes, desks (another problem), buses, etc. update their figures on human body measurements? They seem to be living in the seventeenth century.

Sorry, I just realized maybe this should be in MPSIMS. I’ll post it there.

In my humble opinion, Levi’s (the name brand one’s), have gone to shit since they joined the rest of the corporate world in “outsourcing” to sweatshops.

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