Where does a zaftig girl find a decent pair of jeans?

The last time I bought jeans was at least 5 years ago. I bought two pairs (black and blue) of JNCO jeans from the men’s section at Khols. I have since worn those jeans to tatters.

It’s time for new jeans.

But I HATE shopping for jeans. I’m fat, and finding jeans that are comfortable and at least vaguely attractive seems like an impossible task. I generally don’t like women’s jeans (many have girly embellishments that I don’t care for, and the sizing of women’s clothes makes me crazy) but men’s jeans tend to create a phantom wang. I like the general shape of JNCO jeans (not the scary-big ones, but the nice wide, straight legs) but I’m 28 years old and would like to stop wearing jeans worn by 13-year-old skaters.

So…any suggestions one where a bigger (but reasonably proportioned) girl might find a pair of comfy, attractive jeans? I’m looking at about a 40’’ waist, 34’’ inseam, loose fit. I’d prefer to be able to go into a store and try them on, but if you can recommend a website/catalog with the perfect jeans and/or a spectacular return policy, that would work too.


If you don’t mind springing $70, Lands End makes custom jeans cut to your specifications. Target used to make custom jeans for $40, but their website for custom clothes isn’t working, so I don’t know if they still make them.

I read this great testimonial for a company called True Jeans that seems to do just what you’re looking for:

Since I’ve moved out of the Gap size range but have not reached Lane Bryant-land, I’ve found Eddie Bauer to have decent things in saftig sizes.

You ever try Lane Bryant’s Venezia jeans? You can go into the store and try them on. I haven’t found any other jeans that fit me right other than those.

Yes, they do have crazy weird cuts and patterns and goo-gaws, but they have all the nice normal ones in their stores, too.

I buy regular women’s jeans at Kohl’s. They have normal (unembellished) pants in a variety of makes and sizes – yeah, you have to try them all on, but I found a couple of pairs that worked in less than 15 minutes, and the price was decent (under $25, IIRC).

If you can get to a Nordstrom, JAG and Calvin Klein have some nice styles in plus. If you have a thicker waist, JAG might be perfect for you.

This is my jean place now too. In fact, once you know your size at LB, you can walk in and buy anything without having to try on. Makes catalog shopping from them hassle free. The have several different styles of jeans as well. My faves are the boot cut with a slightly lowered waistline.

Lane Bryant has completely changed their jean sizing . . . and it’s great. Well, I think the sizing things as 1-11 is stupid, but other than that. . .

Basically, there are three colors (red, yellow, and blue) and each coincides with a specific body type (and the jean issues they encounter). You can enter your measurements online and they will tell you exactly what size and color to get (though I’d try them on in the store, because sometimes the measurement size is a size or so bigger than I like, but I like tighter pants). I don’t know what your hip measurement is, otherwise I’d run the thinggy on the site for ya, but here’s the link:linky.
Anyway, once you get the color and size, then you can pick from all the normal cuts- flares tend to be lower rise than boot cut, etc. Oh, and you can pick your wash.

Even better is that once you have your color and size, they have coinciding dress pants and stuff too. It’s pretty cool.

Oh and about Lane Bryant jeans…they are quite expensive, more than Kohl’s or Wal Mart - but they’re really well made and can last you many many years. I wear the hell out of mine and they last longer than my waist size does :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to try those Lane Bryant jeans myself. I don’t have much ass to speak of, and it’s rare that pants fit me right, as the assumption seems to be that all fat chicks got back. The yellow style may be right up my alley, though.

Won’t be jeans weather here for a couple more months, however.

Or the assumption that all fat chicks have a round shape. Though I’m overweight, I have an hour-glass shape and the jeans that fit over my butt will gap several inches at the waist.

According to their website, I’m definitely a ‘blue’. Shame they don’t ship to the UK. :frowning:

I find most of my jeans at Torrid or Old Navy. Torrid’s the best for me because they carry several brands, so there are lots of different cuts and fits to try. With Old Navy, there might be one style of jeans per year that fits close enough to just right. But at least they carry sizes that I can try on.

I came in this thread to recommend the new sizing with Lane Bryant. I hate, hate, hate wearing jeans because they look horrible on me (including the other Lane Bryant jeans), but the new sizing ones look GREAT on me. I actually had several compliments last time I wore a pair.

Thanks everyone! It looks like I’m off to the mall tonight - I’ll start at Lane Bryant, since that sounds most promising. (I seem to be a red 4. Who knew?)

Another vote for Lane Bryant. My partner shops for almost all her pants there, especially jeans. I’m a hard-to-fit girl, too (although for different reasons), and I can totally identify with the enjoyment she has with walking into LB, pulling the style she knows will fit right off the rack, and coming out of the dressing room looking HOT!

I’m a big mama, and I loves my jeans, so I have some suggestions.

Macy’s carries a label called 'Mixit". These jeans are cut bigger in the hips, butt, and thighs. They are really nice.

I also recommend Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren. They go up to size ‘18’. That is too small for me, but they stretch alot, and I love my jeans skin tight, so I usually can find some.

Even though I am 33 years old, and should probably be past it, I just love labels like Baby Phat, Ecko Red, Lady Enyce and Akademics. Again, these jeans only fit me when I can find them with 2% spandex, and in size 18…but they are cut so nicely for a big woman of curves.

All of the jeans I mentioned can be found at Macy’s.

ETA: I just realized you stated you prefer a loose fit. My suggestions may not be so helpful for you after all. Maybe others that have entered this thread will find it useful, though.

I’m addicted to Aura Jeans (from “the women at Wrangler”). They come in a wide variety of sizes (from 00 to about 24), several different leg lengths, and three different rises.

Thank you all, again, for all your suggestions.

I just wanted to pop in and mention that I just came home from Lane Bryant with three pairs of jeans (and two shirts.) It was like finding religion. I’ve never been so happy with a pair of jeans. :smiley:

I love the Dope.