Where does a zaftig girl find a decent pair of jeans?

Dude, just wait until you try on their bras! Easily finding a pretty correctly-sized bra that supports well and is comfortable ought to be right there in the Bill of Rights, but those silly founding fathers forgot it. Lane Bryant bras are expensive, but high quality and it’s just glorious to be able to walk in and not only find the style you like but in a huge range of colors and patterns…after years of getting Granny-style uncomfortable ones whilst looking wistfully at all the cheap cutesy ones for little girls, well, let’s just say rapturous tears of joy aren’t uncommon.

I’m a scrawny girl, but the only pair of jeans I own that fit properly are Auras. I was really happy to have a choice about the rise and length for a change!

The only drawback I found was that when I found these perfectly fitting jeans, I bought two more pairs of the same size and options but different colors. When I got home and tried them on, they were not the same, no matter what the tags said. So buy some, but try them on in the store! Women’s clothing manufacturers…they fuck you every time.

I’m glad you found something you like at LB :slight_smile:

Now, go visit the LB outlet store in Lakewood!

14500 W COLFAX AVE ST150

I’ve found that too. In fact, one of the sales clerks at the store warned me that the other colours tend to be smaller than the dark and light denim.

Let me add another plug for Lane Bryant, especially for shopping on-line. They have a wider size selection especially in bras–going both larger and smaller. Although most of their stores carry very few size 36 bras, they have lots of them on-line. It took some doing, but I convinced my daughter (who wears a size 12 and was convinced Lane Bryant was only for heavier women) to at least give them a try for bras. To establish her size we ordered over $500 worth of bras in a variety of sizes and styles. In some she’s a 36 DDD, in some a 38 DD. We tried them on at home, kept what fit, and returned the rest to the local store. They were very nice, credited my VISA card with absolutely no questions or hassles. We kept good records of styles and sizes and now shop the on-line sales. I love being able to take returns to the store rather than the post office.

And they usually have matching panties for their bras (a pet indulgence of mine)


I’m glad you found something you liked! I was going to mention, if you want a switch-up to a men’s jean, I’ve found that Levi’s 560s are a nice fit for a relaxed, classic jean with of course various leg lengths.

I’m hour glass shaped and I love the Lane Bryant jeans. I was easily able to find two cuts that fit both my hips/butt and my waist. So nice. back when I was skinny(er) I always had the waist gap problem and it drove me bannans.

I’ll have to check out the new sizing! It sounds perfect.