Recommend me some good IP cameras

I am looking for wired IP cameras that deliver good quality picture and do not exceed 100 euros each.

I bought some Panasonic ones that fir your description from Amazon. I was well pleased by them.

I have a noname pan/tilt wifi camera I got for ~75$ that I use mainly to check if my garage door is shut. It has not terrible quality, and as a Foscam imitator is compatible with various Android apps such as “IP Cam”, meaning I can check it in seconds anywhere from my phone.

On the downside, as it came from an overseas place offering extreme deals, it required some tricksy firmware updating to get all the features and had no support.

I am kinda reluctant to buy again from that site with the extreme deals. Last time they did 2-3 months to deliver and one item was wrong. And there is no easy way to contact them.