Recommend me some multi-player PS2 games

Dear Robert and I have been playing The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age for PS2 in cooperative mode. In the battles, we each control different characters. We’ve had a good time with this so far, but we’re over half way through with the game.

Can anybody recommend me some other games that we could play together like this? This sure beats the heck out of watching him play football on PS2.

And no, playing football is not an option for me. I hate football. And basketball.

Sadly, the beat 'em up genre (one of my favorites) is a dying breed. However, there are still a few out there.

You might try the newest X-Men game (X-Men Legends). It’s a cooperative beat 'em up type game. The various Dynasty Warriors games mostly have 2-player coop modes. Tons of fun. I reccomend Dynasty Warriors 4.

Time Crisis 2 and 3 are shooters that require light guns, so they’re expensive. Loads of fun, though. That also opens you up for games like Point Blank.

If you like racing games, there are tons out there ranging from cars to boats.

The grand poobah genre of 2-player gaming these days is the fighting game. There’s Tekken Tag and Tekken 4, Virtua Fighter 4, and Soul Calibur 2. All of these are pretty cheap by now and they’re all good games. There’s no cooperative mode, though, except for one in Tekken Tag.

I play a lot of two player co-op games and the favorites on the PS2 around here are the Dynasty Warriors series (just picked up Samurai Warriors cheap and we’re having a lot of fun openning up the game). We liked X-Men Legends but it hand downsides such as large segments of the game being only one player. Also, I played it on the XBox so I can’t say how it plays on the PS2. We had some fun with Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, but DA2 was way too easy in coop mode (our characters were maxed out by the third portion of the game and we stopped playing; the previous game had five acts). I’ve got the Fallout console game on the backburner waiting for us to get worn out on Samurai Warriors and it looks like it plays similarly to the Baldur’s Gate series.

FWIW, I looked into The Third Age but I wasn’t sure how the co-op mode played. Any comments you want to share on it?

In LOTR:The Third Age, you start out with about 3 characters (Gondorian warrior, Elf maiden and Dwarf) and pick up other characters (a gal with axes from Iforgetwhere, a ranger who’s an archer, and a knight of Rohan. Controller 1 controls the Gondorian, the gal, and the ranger and also does the running around the game, picking up prizes and doling out points when you level up. Controller 2 controls the elf, the dwarf and the Rohan guy. Occasionally you have “guest appearances” in some of the hard battles. Gandalf showed up to help fight the Balrog, and Aragorn and Faramir have made appearances. When the guest fighters are in the battle, control of them alternates between the two controllers.

Dear Robert handles controller 1. That’s fine with me, because I get impatient with the running around stuff. Besides, I like driving the elf and the dwarf!

It’s been pretty fun. It’s easy to play for 3 hours and barely realize that time has passed. We’ve worked out a decent strategy between us, and some of the battles are getting kinda easy. But that didn’t stop the Fell Beast from kicking our butts the last time we played!

Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

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One more that just came to mind to stay away from: Dungeons and Dragons Heroes. We were actually playing four player with it and the gameplay had a lot of flaws not the least bit being the horrible shopping and inventory management that made every return to town a thirty minute ordeal when playing four players (longer when you’ve reached a new section of the game and everyone needs to upgrade their stuff). It was a real stinker.

Thanks for that link, Lute!

Winning Eleven Soccer games (both versions for PS2) are great two player sports games. Champion of Norath is about the best multiplayer adventure co-operative game. I prefer Samurai Warriors to Dynasty Warriors, as the characters are more interesting to me.