Recommend photo categorizing software please

I wasn’t sure what forum to put this in.

I want software that will easily allow me to put my digital photos in categories. What program will allow me to do that the easiest at the least cost. I am not worried about any photo editing functions.

Google’s Picasa 3 is good in the sense that it won’t choke even on the largest number of pictures. I have it running in a crappy old PC with over 15K photos and it is always quick and responsive.

It also has albums and allows you to have a picture belong to several different albums, so a pic of your kid playing with your dog on the beach can go under the dog pic album, the kid pic album and the beach pic album.

Then again, this is what tags are for. I find tags to be the best way to keep your pics in order. Picasa now has tags, but I haven’t really tried it and it looks a bit tacked on as an afterthought, more than something at the core of the program.

Plus it plays nice with their own web albums if you also want to share them (although not with flickr, which I find much better)

And it is free!

and it has decent editing functions, although you say you are not interested on them. Since I got it, I think less than one in a hundred photos make me fire up Photoshop.

But maybe someone else will pop up with a better alternative. :wink: