Recommend Some Cross-Culture YouTube channels.

I’ve been watching some YouTubers who educate me about culture and language - specifically, this American woman living in Germany and this German woman who likes to teach about the German language and culture (in English).

Do any of you Dopers have any recommendations for similar cross-culture YouTube channels?

How about some English lessons?

I was curious about this, wondering what someone would think to showcase about their own culture and why, so I clicked the link. Clicked the first video at the top of the page, the one about “How to do a GERMAN ACCENT?” and before the video ended I had subscribed to her channel.

The host is funny, thoughtful and articulate and her video appears to be well-thought out in advance and well-crafted in post-production. She is even quite animated at times. I found the video both entertaining and informative; thanks for bringing the channel to my attention, Homie.

You’re welcome!

Check out the song she made to clap back at her haters!

I like Digitialsoju, especially the ones with the North Koreans. Such as North Koreans eat American Barbecue.
Solfa is also good, my favorite is Koreans try to tell Westerners apart.

It’s really a travel vlog but Bangkok 112 does cross-culture as well.

NativLang is pretty mesmerizing.

I’ve really enjoyed serpentza, he is an English/South African living in China. I enjoyed his earlier videos much more, his later ones have gotten a bit clickbaity.

I often enjoy 영국남자 Korean Englishman, especially the series where they took Ollie’s dad to Korea.

You gotta check out Asian Boss.
(It’s NOT about Asian bosses!)
I can’t stop watching it, it’s awesome!

I like Joanna on Spanish.

Since she left Flama, she’s been doing Joanna Rants on her channel.

She’s really good with her accents!

I’d love to hear a Spaniard, a Mexican, a Venezuelan, etc., all in the same video, all saying the exact same Spanish words, but in their own accents. Perhaps a passage from the Bible, perhaps the weather forecast for Oklahoma City, or what have you.

Exactly like that, I can’t give you a reference, but searching for acentos del español comes up with international comparisons, acentos de españa different accents within Spain.

This video contains audio from several countries; some of them are from the same program in different countries (same speech, followed by concursants introducing themselves). It’s important to take into account that all of them are very conscious of being on TV and therefore speaking in a register somewhat higher than if they were, say, in a bar with their pals.