Recommend some DC restaurants

We’re going to be in DC later this week, doing the usual tourist thing. We’ve worked out where we’re staying and what we’re seeing, but not where we’re eating! :eek: I’ve done some searching and haven’t found much other than just giant long lists of restaurants and endless posts about how bad the food is.

So is it really that bad? Surely there are some good places to eat that are convenient to the Mall? Any particularly good ethnic restaurants? We aren’t looking for anything fancy, just reasonably priced.

Nando’s Peri-Peri is pretty good (although it’s a chain).

Rasika has tasty Indian food, but it’s not particularly cheap, and you won’t get a reservation at this point. If you walk in when they open for dinner, you may get to sit at the bar for an hour (you can order/eat dinner at the bar).

For breakfast, Founding Farmers. It’s not near the mall, but the DC Metro trains work pretty well to get you there.

Normally I’d suggest visiting the food court in the Old Post Office Pavilion either before or after going up to the clock tower but I’ve seen reports that all retail & food outlets there have closed since Trump bought them a couple years ago.

I don’t know where you’re looking that says bad food. There are a lot of really good restaurants in DC. Some more suggestions:

Capital Grille
Capitol City Brewing Co.
Jaleo (tapas)

If you throw caution to the wind and go upscale, I very much recommend The Oval Room.

Thanks for the suggestions! And just found out the metro will be closed when we arrive tomorrow :eek:

The cafe at the Museum of the American Indian is great for lunch, so too is the cafe at the National Galleries (underground, between the two). There are also some good food trucks around the Mall at lunchtime. Check out the Washington Post website, you can choose restaurants by neighborhood, not far fro the Mall is Oyemel, a great Mexican small plates restaurant.

Ray’s the Steaks, in Arlington a block or two from the Courthouse Metro station. Easy to get to from DC. Really terrific and simple steak place that doesn’t break the bank – owned by the same guy who owns Ray’s Hellburgers (the President’s a fan).

Another vote for Jaleo – the best restaurant I’ve been to in DC, and I live here! Can be expensive, depending on your appetite.

Very bad luck – it will be tough getting around. Where are you staying?

Another vote for Ray’s, there are a few of them in the area, including Ray’s the Classics across from the AFI theater in Silver Spring, so,see which one is close to you.

My sons and I get burgers at Classics (Ray sold it to some employees a few years ago) and they may just have the best burgers in the area. Our oldest spends a lot of time at AFI; he starts film school next year. If you like beer, visiting the 3 Stars brewery is well worth your while.

We’ve rented an apartment through Airbnb that is in Arlington close to the Rosslyn station. We’ll be arriving at Union Station via Amtrak at about 7:30pm, so I think we’re going to try taking Uber. And hope that the metro opens Thursday morning. I’ve got museums to see! :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks iiandyiiii and madmonk28 for the Rays suggestions. Both one of the burger places and the steakhouse are near our apartment.

Cool! You’re probably less than a mile from me.

Hopefully Metro opens Thursday – it should unless they find any major problems.

Have a great time!

When you’re able to take Metro, stop by a King Street Blues. The original location on St. Asaph is the more interesting one. Blue (or Yellow) to King Street Station, catch a free shuttle down King Street to St. Asaph, and walk a half-block north.

Oh, and save room for dessert. Walk back to King, turn left, and head towards the waterfront. One block before the waterfront, turn right on Union. You’ll see a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop one door down.

DC had awful food fifteen years ago, now that’s history.

Rose’s Luxury - rated best new restaurant in the country by one magazine. No reservations, show up around 4:30 and wait in line with everyone else. It’s very good. This is on 8th Street SE, kind on in the far corner of Capitol Hill.

Rasika or Raskia West End - superior Indian food. Consistently rated one of the best restaurants in DC. The popcorn spinach is special. Two locations more or less downtown.

There’s other places like Masa 14 that I like, but are further away from areas most tourists stick to.

Ray’s Hellburgers will change the way you think about hamburgers. Never been to the steakhouse but have heard nothing but good things. Across the street from HellBurgers is Guajillo which has some of the best mexican in the area. The Pho place next to that is really good too. There is a Pete’s New Haven style pizza place in the courthouse area, it is really good.
DC has the best Ethiopian food in the country. And the second best Korean, the Korean hub is Annandale which is close to Arlington but not Metro accessible.
Seconding the American Indian museum cafeteria, the best lunch place on the mall.
If you are going to the zoo or cathedral I have heard good things about Comet Ping Pong which would be nearby.
Food trucks have a great variety of options and many are very good. If you are on the mall near the Lincoln Memorial there is a food truck gathering between State and Interior about two blocks up. If you are near the White House Farragut square has a large gathering. If you are down by the castle/air and space, then there are food trucks by L’Enfant. The website food truck fiesta is the best place to locate food trucks. I recommend the ones serving Korean subs.
If you make it up to the American Art Museum, Clyde’s has good food in the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in.
If you find yourself in Dupont Circle, Bub and Pops has sandwiches which are amazingly great.

Fantastic, thank you for the great info puddleglum!

Old Ebbitt Grill

Good recommendations all around! Masa 14 is basically my favorite place in the city.

The Ethiopian is not only the best in the country, it’s some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Best BBQ I’ve ever had at hill country barbeque near the FBI building