Recommend some fun, not overly terrible, but MST-able horror movies

Sorry if the subject line was a bit too picky. I’m thinking of movies that are creepy or in some ways suspenseful and even a bit scary in places, but not exactly great. And hey, those are a lot harder to find than the genuinely good ones.

I’m thinking of like…the Orphan, which I resaw last night. Not a HORRID movie, but not exactly groundbreaking or great. It’s got its fair shares of cliches, but I did find myself jumping a bit and getting a bit creeped out after I saw it. You know, C+/B- movies where you can yell and shake your fist at the TV. Leave your “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” at home please!


The Killer Shrews :slight_smile:

Aw, come on. A LITTLE better than that.

How about John Carptener’s In The Mouth of Madness?


OK, mostly for the cow (you’ll see), but it’s entertaining, a bit funny (both on purpose and because it’s cliched and somewhat cheesy), and very watchable.

I’m kind of partial to both *Dr. Phibes *movies for my guilty horror pleasures.

Perfect double with Event Horizon. See Sam Neill get menaced by goblins in two different movies.

Cannibal Girls

the classic is Evil Dead 1 … not the remake, but the original one.

Great stuff, I love really low budget horror, but oddly enough, as cheesy as it is, it is a good watch.

Not really all that hard.
Any horror or thriller that stars Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee or Peter Lorre usually is watchable without being great, although sometimes they did appear in great movies (The Wicker Man). Also pretty much any horror movie released by Hammer, Amicus, AIP, and Tigon meets the same criteria.

Is there one with the quadfecta?

Afraid not. Peter Lorre died right when Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing began to surge in those Hammer films. However, Scream and Scream Again does contain Price, Lee and Cushing together in one film.

You might take a look at the the Terror Trap ( It’s a website devoted to horror films up until 1987.

In particular, their honorable mentions page has some good suggestions for you:

I like all of them but in particular, Alice Sweet Alice, Tourist Trap and Dressed to Kill.

Other movies that don’t hit A list status but that I really enjoy are: The Sentinel, Curtains (don’t think it’s out on dvd yet), the (original) Stepfather, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, Happy Birthday to Me, The Prowler, When a Stranger Calls, Someone Watching Me and anything by Val Lewton. There’s also a Spanish film series called “Six Films to Keep You Awake” which is terrific.


Ooh, I enjoyed the original Stepfather. It definitely skirted the line between camp and pure horror.

Eight legged freaks




And one more:

Trick r’ Treat

Loved this. It came out a little while ago on dvd. A shame it didn’t see any theatres.

Hey, does anyone remember Sssssssssssssss? It’s a movie about a weird scientist turning people into snakes.

So basically bad horror movies with some production value.

heh, second both of these though they won’t give you creepy moments. They are both intended to be MSTed. Along the same line is Feast, which is notable for being the last of the Project Greenlight films.

30 Days of Night


Darkness Falls

Dead Mary


Diary of the Dead



The Messengers




Thir13en Ghosts

I have to stop here because I keep wanting to list good movies with crappy production value that aren’t as MST-friendly, mainly because they’re so much better. Movies like Ginger Snaps, May, Roman, Buddy Boy, Spiral; see? They quickly take over. Note that I deliberately steared clear of the torture genre, though I’m a big fan so that was tough.

Edit window expired, but just wanted to add that based on the example of Orphan – which I haven’t seen – you might consider What Lies Beneath and Hide and Seek.