recommend some funny links please

I am finding myself with a lot of spare time on my hands due to being in the hospital. I NEED a good laugh.

So please hook me ip to anything you know of on the internet that makes you laugh.

Dick Van Dyke gets Mary Poppins-themed flash mob for his 90[sup]th[/sup] birthday.

Wow Dick van dyke sure looks good for 90 yeaars old.

If you like cats, try the Breaking Cat News comic. If you like it, the first one is from Mar 12, 2014 and the characters and backstory develop, so you should read them in order.

If you are not a terrible fan of cats try the Original Cat Bowling

Its one of my go-to’s when I’m sick or injured.

You probably know about, with a new comic three times week. The “What If” essays are good - good enough that he polished them up just a bit and republished them as a book.

The prize winner, IMHO, is The Gallery of Regrettable Food. The pictures, lifted from vintage cookbooks, are ghastly, and the writing will make you laugh so hard you cry. Lileks’ parent site, The Institute of Official Cheer, has lots of other vintage material that’s been appropriately skewered by his witty writing.

the Lileks site has already been recommended, so I’ll suggest browsing through the Nancy Buttons catalog:

Nancy sells the wonderfully weird buttons with sayings on them at SF cons and the like.

I also strongly suggest Tom Weller’s books Science Made Stupid and Cvltvre Made Stupid, nowboth available online

I laughed my ass off over that video of Mike Tyson falling off the hover board.

Search for threads by Sampiro with keyword “mother”. Search also for “Funniest thread”
Master Wang-Ka tells us a Christmas Story, and later he tells us about learning literature in a house of ill repute
Scylla goes holiday shopping
Dr Suess’s Beowulf
Another straight dope favorite: Funny things said during intimate moments
Joss Whedon on former candidate Mitt Romney
Mis-heard lyrics to O Fortuna
Hyperbole and a half has lots of good entires, but this one about *Wolves *is my favorite
And oldie but a goodie: Things my girlfriend and I have argued about

I hope you feel better soon, Two Wheels.