Recommend Some Good Anime Titles

I haven’t been involved in the anime fandom for a while,( since the first 100 episodes of bleach came out) So is there any new anime series or movies to watch that might get me back liking anime again? Is Bleach still worth watching?

What type of anime do you like?
Here is a list of types:

Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece are usually spoken of together as the top shonen animes in popularity

Though liking one doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like the other two. I generally like all three well enough, myself - though not enough to seek them out once YTV stopped airing them - but their fandoms have less than 100% overlap and there are vocal hatedoms for the other two within each fandom.

I can’t guess just how far off of 100% the overlaps are because I’m not active in any of the fandoms, thus only catch the very, very vocal hatedoms, who may be anything from tiny minorities to the vast majority. I will say, though, that the three series are very, very different, despite being in the same ‘shonen action-adventure’ genre - different ratios of humour to drama (One Piece is pretty much a straight-up comedy much of the time, whereas Bleach is mostly dramatic with flashes of humour in places, and Naruto’s a more even mix), different types of violence (One Piece is cartoonish, the other two more realistic - once you account the mystical aspects of both series), and so on. So, even ignoring the fan rivalries, it’s pretty obvious that liking one doesn’t necessarily mean liking the other two.

But, yeah, seconding by-tor’s suggestion you give us more of an idea of what you like (and have watched!) than Bleach.