Recommend Some Good Harp Music

I love the sounds produced by the harp. Unfortunately, contemporary pieces for it seem to be rare.
Also, it is hard to listen to in a noisey environment (a car).
Anyone know a good album I should get?

I recommend anything by Corky Seigel.

What? Not the “harp” you are looking for? But he’s done contemporary classical music with Seiji Ozawa! Okay, this is with Arthur Fiedler, but Ozawa got it started. And you can hear it in your car. Crank it and everybody can hear it.

Another link, 'cuz it’s just a great song.


There is a good harpist who works in the library where the cafe I’m employed at is located. He has a website listing CD’s for sale. I’m not sure if listing his site here would be spamming or not, but I can email or PM the link to you. I’ve heard his music and like it. His work is also included in several CD’s that I’ve purchased.

“Jim” is a nice guy. I arranged for him to play for my grandmother, on her 105th birthday, and it was quite the concert, with a number of other nursing home residents in attendance.

Joanna Newsom? She’s an extremely popular singer-songwriter/harpist

Sawdust & Diamonds

Only Skin

If “New Agey” type stuff is to your taste, try Andreas Vollenweider,