Recommend some indigenous writing (in English!)

Indigenous writing is fascinating material, with a wide range of experiences recounted by members of these diverse communities. Obviously defining exactly that which is “indigenous” is no easy task given the differing conditions, traits and histories of even geographically proximate communities: the writing of one may be completely distinct in style, theme and message than the writing of the other. It is easiest then to simply define by example, with the sort of writing I’m looking for being that by authors writing from the perspective of say, Native American writers, or New Zealand Maori. If it ‘feels’ indigenous that is good enough for this thread, intuitive responses are often pretty spot-on.

As far as my recommendation goes, it’s a pretty straightforward one for me. Skins: Contemporary Indigenous Writing (obligatory Amazon link) is a darn good read, with lots of interesting stories that I don’t think I otherwise would ever have been exposed to, had I not read this book. Which is the point of this thread. Much indigenous writing is very inaccessible given how low demand is, so recommendations are invaluable for pointing me in the direction of works I need to try and acquire.

Thanks in advance!

Louise Erdrich is a pretty well known Chippewa writer.

Well, I can’t recommend Sherman Alexie (a Spokane Indian author) enough. His writing is hysterically funny, sad, fresh, and interesting. I especially recommend his short stories collections, as well as his novel Reservation Blues.